Tectonics and Structural Geology

Call for must-read papers!

Call for must-read papers!



Have you ever read a paper and thought “Why didn’t I find this 3 years ago?!” ?

Did you stumble upon TS early-career scientists or colleagues who are unaware of seminal or fundamental (old and new) articles?

Or are you simply willing to give some good reading advice about tectonics and structural geology?




What’s this about? We are a group of early-career scientists who want to promote and discuss a few of the greatest TS papers that shaped and are shaping the discipline, or in other words, articles that a Tectonics and Structural Geology researcher must absolutely read. We think the best to find what those game-changing articles are, is to ask you about it in a survey!

How does it work? We ask you to suggest between 3 and 5 “must-read” TS papers, by trying to answer the question “if I could only suggest a handful of articles to a starting TS researcher, which ones would they be?”. They can be foundational, seminal papers, or just-published ground-breaking publications: anything that you consider a TS absolute must-read. The most voted contributions will be promoted, and we’ll moderate an open discussion for each of them on a public forum.

What then? For every paper, after 4 weeks of open discussion, we will create a summary blog post in the EGU TS Blog that will sum up its content as highlighted by the discussion participants. To add to that, a final output of the action will consist of a compilation of all posts that will be permanently archived on a preprint server (EarthArXiv).

So what should you do? Go vote! Here’s the link → https://tinyurl.com/yc7vwm2m

David Fernández-Blanco's research explores how the Earth's vertical motions evolve over time. David's research agenda covers post-rift events in Morocco, big transform faults in Sumatra, orogenic plateau growth in Turkey and interaction of plate boundaries in Greece. Using fieldwork and taking a holistic stand, he combines geomorphology, tectono-stratigraphy and structural geology approaches at regional scales. His passion for research is reflected in active community involvement and geo-communication efforts. David is now the Representative of the TS Early Career Scientists, so get in contact via e-mail, reach him at @_GeoDa_ or visit his webpage.

TS Must-read” working group (Adriana Guatame-García, Akinbobola Akintomide, Arnab Roy, Benoît Petri, David Fernández-Blanco, Gianluca Frasca, Gino de Gelder, Marta Marchegiano, Silvia Crosetto, and Utsav Mannu)

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