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TOP-30 papers in the TOP-10 journals of the SOIL SCIENCES category (IX): CATENA

CATENAInterested in the most relevant soil articles of 2015? In this short series of posts I’ve compiled a list of the 30 most cited articles of the top ten journals in the category of SOIL SCIENCES. Today: CATENA.

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Aiello, A., Adamo, M., Canora, F. Remote sensing and GIS to assess soil erosion with RUSLE3D and USPED at river basin scale in southern Italy. 2015. Catena, 131, pp. 174-185. DOI:

Arnáez, J., Lana-Renault, N., Lasanta, T., Ruiz-Flaño, P., Castroviejo, J. Effects of farming terraces on hydrological and geomorphological processes. A review. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 122-134. DOI:

Barreiro, A., Fontúrbel, M.T., Lombao, A., Martín, A., Vega, J.A., Fernández, C., Carballas, T., Díaz-Raviña, M. Using phospholipid fatty acid and community level physiological profiling techniques to characterize soil microbial communities following an experimental fire and different stabilization treatments. 2015. Catena, 135, pp. 419-429. DOI:

Bast, A., Wilcke, W., Graf, F., Lüscher, P., Gärtner, H. A simplified and rapid technique to determine an aggregate stability coefficient in coarse grained soils. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 170-176. DOI:

Cheng, M., Xiang, Y., Xue, Z., An, S., Darboux, F. Soil aggregation and intra-aggregate carbon fractions in relation to vegetation succession on the loess plateau, China. 2015. Catena, 124, pp. 77-84. DOI:

Frankl, A., Stal, C., Abraha, A., Nyssen, J., Rieke-Zapp, D., De Wulf, A., Poesen, J. Detailed recording of gully morphology in 3D through image-based modelling. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 92-101. DOI:

Gao, L., Shao, M., Peng, X., She, D. Spatio-temporal variability and temporal stability of water contents distributed within soil profiles at a hillslope scale. 2015. Catena, 132, pp. 29-36. DOI:

Huang, M., Liang, T., Wang, L., Zhou, C. Effects of no-tillage systems on soil physical properties and carbon sequestration under long-term wheat-maize double cropping system. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 195-202. DOI:

Jäger, H., Achermann, M., Waroszewski, J., Kabała, C., Malkiewicz, M., Gärtner, H., Dahms, D., Krebs, R., Egli, M. Pre-alpine mire sediments as a mirror of erosion, soil formation and landscape evolution during the last 45ka. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 63-79. DOI:

Jakšík, O., Kodešová, R., Kubiš, A., Stehlíková, I., Drábek, O., Kapička, A. Soil aggregate stability within morphologically diverse areas. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 287-299. DOI:

Jorge-Mardomingo, I., Jiménez-Hernández, M.E., Moreno, L., de la Losa, A., de la Cruz, M.T., Casermeiro, M.T. Application of high doses of organic amendments in a Mediterranean agricultural soil: An approach for assessing the risk of groundwater contamination. 2015. Catena, 131, pp. 74-83. DOI:

Khaliq, A., Kaleem Abbasi, M. Improvements in the physical and chemical characteristics of degraded soils supplemented with organic-inorganic amendments in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, Pakistan. 2015. Catena, 126, pp. 209-219. DOI:

Li, Z.-W., Zhang, G.-H., Geng, R., Wang, H., Zhang, X.C. Land use impacts on soil detachment capacity by overland flow in the Loess Plateau, China. 2015. Catena, 124, pp. 9-17. DOI:

Liu, S., An, N., Yang, J., Dong, S., Wang, C., Yin, Y. Prediction of soil organic matter variability associated with different land use types in mountainous landscape in southwestern Yunnan province, China. 2015. Catena, 133, pp. 137-144. DOI:

Merino, A., Chávez-Vergara, B., Salgado, J., Fonturbel, M.T., García-Oliva, F., Vega, J.A. Variability in the composition of charred litter generated by wildfire in different ecosystems. 2015. Catena, 133, pp. 52-63. DOI:

Quezada-Hinojosa, R., Föllmi, K.B., Gillet, F., Matera, V. Cadmium accumulation in six common plant species associated with soils containing high geogenic cadmium concentrations at Le Gurnigel, Swiss Jura Mountains. 2015. Catena, 124, pp. 85-96. DOI:

Roßkopf, N., Fell, H., Zeitz, J. Organic soils in Germany, their distribution and carbon stocks. 2015. Catena, 133, pp. 157-170. DOI:

Shakesby, R.A., Bento, C.P.M., Ferreira, C.S.S., Ferreira, A.J.D., Stoof, C.R., Urbanek, E., Walsh, R.P.D. Impacts of prescribed fire on soil loss and soil quality: An assessment based on an experimentally-burned catchment in central Portugal. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 278-293. DOI:

Sun, Z., Mou, X., Tong, C., Wang, C., Xie, Z., Song, H., Sun, W., Lv, Y. Spatial variations and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in intertidal zone of the Yellow River estuary, China. 2015. Catena, 126, pp. 43-52. DOI:

Tehrany, M.S., Pradhan, B., Mansor, S., Ahmad, N. Flood susceptibility assessment using GIS-based support vector machine model with different kernel types. 2015. Catena, 125, pp. 91-101. DOI:

Vinci, A., Brigante, R., Todisco, F., Mannocchi, F., Radicioni, F. Measuring rill erosion by laser scanning. 2015. Catena, 124, pp. 97-108. DOI:

Wang, X., Yang, H., Liu, J., Wu, J., Chen, W., Wu, J., Zhu, L., Bian, X. Effects of ditch-buried straw return on soil organic carbon and rice yields in a rice-wheat rotation system. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 56-63. DOI:

Xiao, L., Yang, X., Chen, S., Cai, H. An assessment of erosivity distribution and its influence on the effectiveness of land use conversion for reducing soil erosion in Jiangxi, China. 2015. Catena, 125, pp. 50-60. DOI:

Yang, T., Wang, Q., Xu, D., Lv, J. A method for estimating the interaction depth of surface soil with simulated rain. 2015. Catena, 124, pp. 109-118. DOI:

Yesuf, H.M., Assen, M., Alamirew, T., Melesse, A.M. Modeling of sediment yield in Maybar gauged watershed using SWAT, northeast Ethiopia. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 191-205. DOI:

Zhang, L., Wang, J., Bai, Z., Lv, C. Effects of vegetation on runoff and soil erosion on reclaimed land in an opencast coal-mine dump in a loess area. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 44-53. DOI:

Zhang, L.-T., Gao, Z.-L., Yang, S.-W., Li, Y.-H., Tian, H.-W. Dynamic processes of soil erosion by runoff on engineered landforms derived from expressway construction: A case study of typical steep spoil heap. 2015. Catena, 128, pp. 108-121. DOI:

Zhang, Q., Du, Z., Lou, Y., He, X. A one-year short-term biochar application improved carbon accumulation in large macroaggregate fractions. 2015. Catena, 127, pp. 26-31. DOI:

Zhao, R., Coles, N., Wu, J. Carbon mineralization following additions of fresh and aged biochar to an infertile soil. 2015. Catena, 125, pp. 183-189. DOI:

Zhao, Y.-G., Liu, X.-F., Wang, Z.-L., Zhao, S.-W. Soil organic carbon fractions and sequestration across a 150-yr secondary forest chronosequence on the Loess Plateau, China. 2015. Catena, 133, pp. 303-308. DOI:

Antonio Jordán is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Seville and coordinator of the MED Soil Research Group. Antonio’s research focusses on rainfall-induced soil erosion processes, the effects of wildfires on soil properties and soil degradation in Mediterranean areas. He is an active members of the Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), which coordinates the scientific programme on soil sciences.