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TOP-30 papers in the TOP-10 journals of the SOIL SCIENCES category (VIII): APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY

Applied Soil EcologyInterested in the most relevant soil articles of 2015? In this short series of posts I’ve compiled a list of the 30 most cited articles of the top ten journals in the category of SOIL SCIENCES. Today: APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY.

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Ademar Avelar Ferreira, P., Ceretta, C.A., Hildebrand Soriani, H., Luiz Tiecher, T., Fonsêca Sousa Soares, C.R., Rossato, L.V., Nicoloso, F.T., Brunetto, G., Paranhos, J.T., Cornejo, P. Rhizophagus clarus and phosphate alter the physiological responses of Crotalaria juncea cultivated in soil with a high Cu level. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 91, pp. 37-47. DOI:

Bao, X., Yu, J., Liang, W., Lu, C., Zhu, J., Li, Q. The interactive effects of elevated ozone and wheat cultivars on soil microbial community composition and metabolic diversity. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 87, pp. 11-18. DOI:

Bluhm, C., Scheu, S., Maraun, M. Oribatid mite communities on the bark of dead wood vary with log type, surrounding forest and regional factors. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 102-112. DOI:

Chauhan, H., Bagyaraj, D.J., Selvakumar, G., Sundaram, S.P. Novel plant growth promoting rhizobacteria-Prospects and potential. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 95, pp. 38-53. DOI:

Chauvin, C., Dorel, M., Villenave, Cé., Roger-Estrade, J., Thuries, L., Risède, J.-M. Biochemical characteristics of cover crop litter affect the soil food web, organic matter decomposition, and regulation of plant-parasitic nematodes in a banana field soil. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 96, pp. 131-140. DOI:

Chen, J., Liu, X., Li, L., Zheng, J., Qu, J., Zheng, J., Zhang, X., Pan, G. Consistent increase in abundance and diversity but variable change in community composition of bacteria in topsoil of rice paddy under short term biochar treatment across three sites from South China. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 91, pp. 68-79. DOI:

Cuello, J.P., Hwang, H.Y., Gutierrez, J., Kim, S.Y., Kim, P.J. Impact of plastic film mulching on increasing greenhouse gas emissions in temperate upland soil during maize cultivation. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 91, pp. 48-57. DOI:

Domene, X., Hanley, K., Enders, A., Lehmann, J. Short-term mesofauna responses to soil additions of corn stover biochar and the role of microbial biomass. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 10-17. DOI:

Gao, Y.-C., Wang, J.-N., Guo, S.-H., Hu, Y.-L., Li, T.-T., Mao, R., Zeng, D.-H. Effects of salinization and crude oil contamination on soil bacterial community structure in the Yellow River Delta region, China. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 165-173. DOI:

Helfrich, M., Ludwig, B., Thoms, C., Gleixner, G., Flessa, H. The role of soil fungi and bacteria in plant litter decomposition and macroaggregate formation determined using phospholipid fatty acids. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 96, pp. 261-264. DOI:

Ito, T., Araki, M., Higashi, T., Komatsuzaki, M., Kaneko, N., Ohta, H. Responses of soil nematode community structure to soil carbon changes due to different tillage and cover crop management practices over a nine-year period in Kanto, Japan. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 50-58. DOI:

Ito, T., Araki, M., Komatsuzaki, M., Kaneko, N., Ohta, H. Soil nematode community structure affected by tillage systems and cover crop managements in organic soybean production. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 137-147. DOI:

Kaisermann, A., Maron, P.A., Beaumelle, L., Lata, J.C. Fungal communities are more sensitive indicators to non-extreme soil moisture variations than bacterial communities. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 158-164. DOI:

Li, J., Cooper, J.M., Lin, Z., Li, Y., Yang, X., Zhao, B. Soil microbial community structure and function are significantly affected by long-term organic and mineral fertilization regimes in the North China Plain. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 96, pp. 75-87. DOI:

Li, J., Zhou, X., Yan, J., Li, H., He, J. Effects of regenerating vegetation on soil enzyme activity and microbial structure in reclaimed soils on a surface coal mine site. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 87, pp. 56-62. DOI:

Liu, H., Yuan, M., Tan, S., Yang, X., Lan, Z., Jiang, Q., Ye, Z., Jing, Y. Enhancement of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (Glomus versiforme) on the growth and Cd uptake by Cd-hyperaccumulator Solanum nigrum. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 44-49. DOI:

Mancuso, S., Taiti, C., Bazihizina, N., Costa, C., Menesatti, P., Giagnoni, L., Arenella, M., Nannipieri, P., Renella, G. Soil volatile analysis by proton transfer reaction-time of flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS). 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 182-191. DOI:

Mendes, L.W., de Lima Brossi, M.J., Kuramae, E.E., Tsai, S.M. Land-use system shapes soil bacterial communities in Southeastern Amazon region. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 95, pp. 151-160. DOI:

Muema, E.K., Cadisch, G., Röhl, C., Vanlauwe, B., Rasche, F. Response of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea to biochemical quality of organic inputs combined with mineral nitrogen fertilizer in an arable soil. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 95, pp. 128-139. DOI:

Owen, D., Williams, A.P., Griffith, G.W., Withers, P.J.A. Use of commercial bio-inoculants to increase agricultural production through improved phosphrous acquisition. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 41-54. DOI:

Qin, H., Lu, K., Strong, P.J., Xu, Q., Wu, Q., Xu, Z., Xu, J., Wang, H. Long-term fertilizer application effects on the soil, root arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and community composition in rotation agriculture. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 35-43. DOI:

Riah-Anglet, W., Trinsoutrot-Gattin, I., Martin-Laurent, F., Laroche-Ajzenberg, E., Norini, M.-P., Latour, X., Laval, K. Soil microbial community structure and function relationships: A heat stress experiment. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 121-130. DOI:

Song, X., Liu, M., Wu, D., Griffiths, B.S., Jiao, J., Li, H., Hu, F. Interaction matters: Synergy between vermicompost and PGPR agents improves soil quality, crop quality and crop yield in the field. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 89, pp. 25-34. DOI:

Srivastava, P., Raghubanshi, A.S., Singh, R., Tripathi, S.N. Soil carbon efflux and sequestration as a function of relative availability of inorganic N pools in dry tropical agroecosystem. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 96, pp. 1-6. DOI:

Tian, J., Pausch, J., Yu, G., Blagodatskaya, E., Gao, Y., Kuzyakov, Y. Aggregate size and their disruption affect 14C-labeled glucose mineralization and priming effect. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 90, pp. 1-10. DOI:

van Bruggen, A.H.C., Sharma, K., Kaku, E., Karfopoulos, S., Zelenev, V.V., Blok, W.J. Soil health indicators and Fusarium wilt suppression in organically and conventionally managed greenhouse soils. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 192-201. DOI:

Veres, Z., Kotroczó, Z., Fekete, I., Tóth, J.A., Lajtha, K., Townsend, K., Tóthmérész, B. Soil extracellular enzyme activities are sensitive indicators of detrital inputs and carbon availability. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 92, pp. 18-23. DOI:

Wagner, A.O., Praeg, N., Reitschuler, C., Illmer, P. Effect of DNA extraction procedure, repeated extraction and ethidium monoazide (EMA)/propidium monoazide (PMA) treatment on overall DNA yield and impact on microbial fingerprints for bacteria, fungi and archaea in a reference soil. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 93, pp. 56-64. DOI:

Wu, J., Xiong, J., Hu, C., Shi, Y., Wang, K., Zhang, D. Temperature sensitivity of soil bacterial community along contrasting warming gradient. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 94, pp. 40-48. DOI:

Yu, C., Hu, X.M., Deng, W., Li, Y., Xiong, C., Ye, C.H., Han, G.M., Li, X. Changes in soil microbial community structure and functional diversity in the rhizosphere surrounding mulberry subjected to long-term fertilization. 2015. Applied Soil Ecology, 86, pp. 30-40. DOI:

Antonio Jordán is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Seville and coordinator of the MED Soil Research Group. Antonio’s research focusses on rainfall-induced soil erosion processes, the effects of wildfires on soil properties and soil degradation in Mediterranean areas. He is an active members of the Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), which coordinates the scientific programme on soil sciences.