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TOP-30 papers in the TOP-10 journals of the SOIL SCIENCES category (VI): GEODERMA

GEODERMAInterested in the most relevant soil articles of 2015? In this short series of posts I’ve compiled a list of the 30 most cited articles of the top ten journals in the category of SOIL SCIENCES. Today: GEODERMA.

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Ackerson, J.P., Demattê, J.A.M., Morgan, C.L.S. Predicting clay content on field-moist intact tropical soils using a dried, ground VisNIR library with external parameter orthogonalization. 2015. Geoderma, 259-260, pp. 196-204. DOI:

Aldabaa, A.A.A., Weindorf, D.C., Chakraborty, S., Sharma, A., Li, B. Combination of proximal and remote sensing methods for rapid soil salinity quantification. 2015. Geoderma, 239, pp. 34-46. DOI:

Alletto, L., Pot, V., Giuliano, S., Costes, M., Perdrieux, F., Justes, E. Temporal variation in soil physical properties improves the water dynamics modeling in a conventionally-tilled soil. 2015. Geoderma, 243-244, pp. 18-28. DOI:

Beguería, S., Angulo-Martínez, M., Gaspar, L., Navas, A. Detachment of soil organic carbon by rainfall splash: Experimental assessment on three agricultural soils of Spain. 2015. Geoderma, 245-246, pp. 21-30. DOI:

Ben Dor, E., Ong, C., Lau, I.C. Reflectance measurements of soils in the laboratory: Standards and protocols. 2015. Geoderma, 245-246, pp. 112-124. DOI:

Brungard, C.W., Boettinger, J.L., Duniway, M.C., Wills, S.A., Edwards, T.C. Machine learning for predicting soil classes in three semi-arid landscapes. 2015. Geoderma, 239, pp. 68-83. DOI:

Butnan, S., Deenik, J.L., Toomsan, B., Antal, M.J., Vityakon, P. Biochar characteristics and application rates affecting corn growth and properties of soils contrasting in texture and mineralogy. 2015. Geoderma, 237, pp. 105-116. DOI:

Chaplot, V., Cooper, M. Soil aggregate stability to predict organic carbon outputs from soils. 2015. Geoderma, 243-244, pp. 205-213. DOI:

De Vos, B., Cools, N., Ilvesniemi, H., Vesterdal, L., Vanguelova, E., Carnicelli, S. Benchmark values for forest soil carbon stocks in Europe: Results from a large scale forest soil survey. 2015. Geoderma, 251-252, pp. 33-46. DOI:

Eibisch, N., Durner, W., Bechtold, M., Fuß, R., Mikutta, R., Woche, S.K., Helfrich, M. Does water repellency of pyrochars and hydrochars counter their positive effects on soil hydraulic properties?. 2015. Geoderma, 245-246, pp. 31-39. DOI:

Guo, P.-T., Li, M.-F., Luo, W., Tang, Q.-F., Liu, Z.-W., Lin, Z.-M. Digital mapping of soil organic matter for rubber plantation at regional scale: An application of random forest plus residuals kriging approach. 2015. Geoderma, 237-238, pp. 49-59. DOI:

Heitkötter, J., Marschner, B. Interactive effects of biochar ageing in soils related to feedstock, pyrolysis temperature, and historic charcoal production. 2015. Geoderma, 245-246, pp. 56-64. DOI:

Horta, A., Malone, B., Stockmann, U., Minasny, B., Bishop, T.F.A., McBratney, A.B., Pallasser, R., Pozza, L. Potential of integrated field spectroscopy and spatial analysis for enhanced assessment of soil contamination: A prospective review. 2015. Geoderma, 241-242, pp. 180-209. DOI:

Huang, L.-M., Thompson, A., Zhang, G.-L., Chen, L.-M., Han, G.-Z., Gong, Z.-T. The use of chronosequences in studies of paddy soil evolution: A review. 2015. Geoderma, 237, pp. 199-210. DOI:

Jeffery, S., Meinders, M.B.J., Stoof, C.R., Bezemer, T.M., van de Voorde, T.F.J., Mommer, L., van Groenigen, J.W. Biochar application does not improve the soil hydrological function of a sandy soil. 2015. Geoderma, 251-252, pp. 47-54. DOI:

Katuwal, S., Norgaard, T., Moldrup, P., Lamandé, M., Wildenschild, D., de Jonge, L.W. Linking air and water transport in intact soils to macropore characteristics inferred from X-ray computed tomography. 2015. Geoderma, 237-238, pp. 9-20. DOI:

Kidd, D., Malone, B., McBratney, A., Minasny, B., Webb, M. Operational sampling challenges to digital soil mapping in Tasmania, Australia. 2015. Geoderma Regional, 4, pp. 1-10. DOI:

Li, H.Y., Webster, R., Shi, Z. Mapping soil salinity in the Yangtze delta: REML and universal kriging (E-BLUP) revisited. 2015. Geoderma, 237-238, pp. 71-77. DOI:

Magiera, T., Parzentny, H., Róg, L., Chybiorz, R., Wawer, M. Spatial variation of soil magnetic susceptibility in relation to different emission sources in southern Poland. 2015. Geoderma, 255-256, pp. 94-103. DOI:

Miller, B.A., Koszinski, S., Wehrhan, M., Sommer, M. Impact of multi-scale predictor selection for modeling soil properties. 2015. Geoderma, 239, pp. 97-106. DOI:

Ni, X., Yang, W., Tan, B., He, J., Xu, L., Li, H., Wu, F. Accelerated foliar litter humification in forest gaps: Dual feedbacks of carbon sequestration during winter and the growing season in an alpine forest. 2015. Geoderma, 241-242, pp. 136-144. DOI:

Poeplau, C., Kätterer, T., Bolinder, M.A., Börjesson, G., Berti, A., Lugato, E. Low stabilization of aboveground crop residue carbon in sandy soils of Swedish long-term experiments. 2015. Geoderma, 237, pp. 246-255. DOI:

Regelink, I.C., Stoof, C.R., Rousseva, S., Weng, L., Lair, G.J., Kram, P., Nikolaidis, N.P., Kercheva, M., Banwart, S., Comans, R.N.J. Linkages between aggregate formation, porosity and soil chemical properties. 2015. Geoderma, 247-248, pp. 24-37. DOI:

Reis, A.T., Coelho, J.P., Rucandio, I., Davidson, C.M., Duarte, A.C., Pereira, E. Thermo-desorption: A valid tool for mercury speciation in soils and sediments?. 2015. Geoderma, 237, pp. 98-104. DOI:

Rudolph, S., van der Kruk, J., von Hebel, C., Ali, M., Herbst, M., Montzka, C., Pätzold, S., Robinson, D.A., Vereecken, H., Weihermüller, L. Linking satellite derived LAI patterns with subsoil heterogeneity using large-scale ground-based electromagnetic induction measurements. 2015. Geoderma, 241-242, pp. 262-271. DOI:

Salem, H.M., Valero, C., Muñoz, M.T., Rodríguez, M.G., Silva, L.L. Short-term effects of four tillage practices on soil physical properties, soil water potential, and maize yield. 2015. Geoderma, 237-238, pp. 60-70. DOI:

Sharma, A., Weindorf, D.C., Wang, D., Chakraborty, S. Characterizing soils via portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: 4. Cation exchange capacity (CEC). 2015. Geoderma, 239, pp. 130-134. DOI:

Stutter, M.I., Shand, C.A., George, T.S., Blackwell, M.S.A., Dixon, L., Bol, R., MacKay, R.L., Richardson, A.E., Condron, L.M., Haygarth, P.M. Land use and soil factors affecting accumulation of phosphorus species in temperate soils. 2015. Geoderma, 257-258, pp. 29-39. DOI:

Vaysse, K., Lagacherie, P. Evaluating Digital Soil Mapping approaches for mapping GlobalSoilMap soil properties from legacy data in Languedoc-Roussillon (France). 2015. Geoderma Regional, 4, pp. 20-30. DOI:

Wang, D., Chakraborty, S., Weindorf, D.C., Li, B., Sharma, A., Paul, S., Ali, M.N. Synthesized use of VisNIR DRS and PXRF for soil characterization: Total carbon and total nitrogen. 2015. Geoderma, 243-244, pp. 157-167. DOI:

Antonio Jordán is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Seville and coordinator of the MED Soil Research Group. Antonio’s research focusses on rainfall-induced soil erosion processes, the effects of wildfires on soil properties and soil degradation in Mediterranean areas. He is an active members of the Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), which coordinates the scientific programme on soil sciences.