Revised version of the New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice

A revised edition of the New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice (NMSOP) has been compiled and is now available online. This manual is a project of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI). Over the years IASPEI introduced a manual to ensure that the data from the different seismology observatories around the world is of a set standard. The ...[Read More]

Planning and Managing Scientific Research

Scientific research is in no way an easy task and it should be comparable to entrepreneurship. This is because it not only has to be original and exciting to be established but it involves a lot of effort, money and many men hours. Such work and preparation is sometimes (or most of the time!) placed on the table of researchers without them having the energy or know-how on how the administer projec ...[Read More]

Science for kids

Fancy helping translate the latest science into something for kids? Get in touch! We’re on the hunt for a few people to help review Planet Presses (, bite-sized press releases for kids. One of the problems with a non-expert taking something and turning it into kids’ speak means that some key details could be lost. This is where you come in! If ...[Read More]

The Continental Drift Controversy

For many, the theory of continental drift is a proven and understood concept. Few are aware that the debate has been decades-long process. A recently published, multi-volume book is re-going through the whole story on how the theory evolved, detailing the views of how scientist perceived it over time. The debate is between fixism and mobilism which the author, Henry R. Frankel, describes in a thre ...[Read More]