EGU needs you: Call for volunteers

Have you ever thought of considering to volunteer at the European Geosciences Union? Even though the organisation is huge (+12,000 members) it is mostly run voluntarily, employing only a handful of people primarily focused on the administrative part of the organisation. EGU is a truly bottom-up organisation that relies on, and values, the input of its members on a variety of projects and activitie ...[Read More]

Turning science into fun games for citizens

Sounds like fun. Have a look at this interesting read and see how scientist are turning to citizens to help them with analysing large volumes of data. “A few days ago, I was an astrophysicist and contributed to a research project by organising sunspot images in order of complexity. After I’d had enough of that, I became a biochemist and worked late into the night on a project creating synthe ...[Read More]

Scientists and the social network

Nature just blew the bubble! Last month an article entitled Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network, by Richard Van Noorden, put focus on the role social media has on scholars. The article gives a detailed insight on the attitude of scientist towards social media by discussing the various existing platforms such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and othe ...[Read More]

Upcoming EGU elections: Autumn 2014

The EGU Election Autumn 2014 for the Treasurer and Division Presidents will take place between 01 November – 01 December 2014. You are kindly asked to propose a candidate to any vacancy by 15 September 2014. You are welcome and encouraged to nominate yourself. If you are nominating someone else, please get the candidate’s consent. Please have the information listed in the application f ...[Read More]