Seismoblog – a blog dedicated to the young seismologists of the European Geosciences Union.

A foreword from the president of the EGU Seismology Division:

Martin Mai

Martin Mai

EGU, the largest European geoscience organisation, is proud of its bottom-up structure and achievements made so far, such as the General Assembly, topical conferences and meetings, or open-access publishing. A growing field considers outreach activities and, to this end, this Seismology Division blog aims to improve the communication between young scientists themselves but also with the external community.

Our life as internet users can be exciting and stimulating but, at the same time, overwhelming. With this dedicated blog, we’d like to give more depth to the average browsing experience by enabling young researchers to explore various seismology topics in one place while making the field more exciting and accessible to the broader community. Web logs add another level to learning – for both scientists and the general public – so we hope this one will encourage researchers to engage with a wider audience by both exploring and contributing to the blog.

With this perspective, I’d like to invite you to be active in growing the young seismology community and its networking.

Stay tuned!

Martin Mai.

(SM Division President, 2015-2017,

ECS-rep team (Early Career Scientist representatives)

We are a vivid team of 6 early career seismologists, 4 women and 2 men: Laura Ermert (ETH Zurich), Lucia Gualtieri (Columbia University), Laura Parisi (KAUST), Kathrin Spieker (University of Bergen), Redouane Chimouni (USTHB) and Koen Van Noten (Royal Observatory of Belgium). We are either PhD students or post-doctoral researchers in different seismological disciplines. The main aims of the SM ECS-rep team are: to motivate the ECSs to get involved in activities and initiatives of the EGU and Seismology Division and to promote gender equality in Science and public dissemination of scientific knowledge. If you want to know more about our team, check this out. We are reachable at:


Banner image: Sandstones of Petra, by Pierrick Nicolet; Image source: Imaggeo.

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