Follow the ongoing L’Aquila appeal

The seismological community is anxious with the ongoing court proceedings against fellow Italian seismologist with regards to the 6th April 2009 L’Aquila earthquake. The news of seismologists guilty of manslaughter was major news for the entire world (e.g., BBC) and condemnation came in fast (e.g., The Guardian, EOS, AGU). Internal discussions between scientists are still very active during ...[Read More]

EGU2015: Call-for-Papers

EGU is very pleased to announce the start of the Abstract submission for the EGU General Assembly 2015 (EGU2015), 12 Apr 2015 – 17 Apr 2015, Vienna, Austria. The sessions are now online: Submitting an abstract is intuitive: For each session there is a link Abstract Submission followed by logging in the system. Abstracts may be s ...[Read More]

Call for IASPEI medal nomination

The International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interio (IASPEI) is calling for nominations for the IASPEI medal. The award of a IASPEI medal has been decided during the 2011 General Assembly in Melbourne. The first IASPEI Medal recipient was Robin Adams. The IASPEI medal is awarded for merits in seismology: for sustaining IASPEI goals and activities and for scientific ...[Read More]

The predicted great shake

A well predicted, well planned earthquake (drill) is about to take place this week. A fictitious, very strong earthquake is about to hit your locality. On Thursday 16th October at 10:16 local time, millions — yes over 20.4 million people — are participating in a global earthquake drill. The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organ ...[Read More]