Science Communication

Photo exhibit at EGU 2013: The Andean Geotrail

The enormous space and time scales that Geology covers makes teaching it a challenge, one best overcome by field experience, but it’s a rare thing for a school to be able to explore Geological wonders on the other side of the world. So what if someone brought it to you? Olivier Galland (who we had the chance to interview in December), together with Caroline Sassier, set up an educational project ( ...[Read More]

GeoTalk: Jane Robb

GeoTalk, featuring short interviews with geoscientists about their research, continues this month with a Q&A with Jane Robb from University College London (UCL), who tells us about the excitement of geo-outreach and importance of conserving heritage collections.  First, could you introduce yourself and let us know a bit about your current work at UCL? Hi, I am Jane Robb and I currently work as ...[Read More]

Job opportunity at the EGU Executive Office: Communications Assistant

The EGU is seeking to appoint a Communications Assistant to work with the EGU Media and Communications Officer in maintaining and further developing media-related and science information communications between the EGU and its membership, the working media, and the public at large. The position will be based at the EGU Executive Office in Munich, Germany. More information about this vacancy, includ ...[Read More]

Competition: Design an EGU infographic!

Infographics, images containing graphics, text, and statistics, are increasingly being used to share complex scientific concepts with a wider audience. They are powerful communication tools because they can be spread virally across social networks, furthering the public understanding of important areas within the geosciences, including climate change, natural resources, and the solar system. To ce ...[Read More]