Accessibility and inclusivity at EGU

How to EGU23: using your personal programme to schedule the week

EGU cover for EGU23 (view between two rock outcrops with a river in the background) blue text in front that reads 'how to EGU23: using your personal programme to schedule the week'

Now that you have had a quick look at our programme for EGU23, maybe found your abstract or session, you probably have a few questions! This year’s scientific programme of the General Assemby includes Union-wide Sessions, such as the medal lectures, great debates, short courses, education and outreach sessions, as well as townhall and splinter meetings, just to name a few. The Disciplinary Session ...[Read More]

Join the Life-Work-Balance activities at EGU23!

Join the Life-Work-Balance activities at EGU23!

Dear fellow scientists (and readers joining us at EGU23!), It’s us again, the “Life-Work-Balance” group of EGU. We are a team of scientists organizing various events related to life-work-balance during the EGU General Assembly and would like to share our experience with you. For this year’s General Assembly we are organizing several short courses and pop-up events to offer some guidanc ...[Read More]

What you can do to ensure a safe and inclusive EGU23!

What you can do to ensure a safe and inclusive EGU23!

It is true that academic gatherings like scientific conferences can offer great opportunities for career advancement, such as building stronger networks, highlighting your research, and finding new opportunities for collaboration. Unfortunately, many conferences are not equally inclusive to all (see the image below) and can pose as unsafe environments for presenters and participants. With EGU23 on ...[Read More]

How to make your EGU23 presentation accessible to all

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Most people spend their time and effort making their presentation engaging and impactful, but what about accessibility? An accessible presentation takes into account the diverse backgrounds and abilities of the audience, to enable better understanding and recall of the content shared. This is also true for the way we share scientific research: presenters would do well to communicate their research ...[Read More]