Beyond the Output

Beyond the Output

The EGU General Assembly provides ground for formal presentations and sessions conveying a body of knowledge. However, science is so much more. It is a social process driven by shared values, such as openness and integrity, and established customs, like peer review. As such, working in science is inherently a collaborative effort, and the EGU supports that by giving participants plenty of opportunities to connect and interact with the diverse community. But how to make the most of it?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to engage with others – everyone is in the same boat here. However, should it still feel like a challenge, here are tips that should make it easier:

  • Browse the programme and consider the Networking (NET) group: you will find many EGU-wide as well as division networking events for first-time attendees, as well as seasoned participants. Whether you are looking for focused meetups or perhaps Geoscience Games Night, EGU has you covered.

Attendees mingle during the conference icebreaker on Sunday.

  • Approach presenters at sessions: it is an easy way to find people who work on topics that are close to yours or learn about something new.

  • Start a talk at relevant exhibitors’ booths: they are another great place to meet like-minded folks.

  • Use the power of social media: See what fellow attendees post through conference hashtags and start a conversation.
  • Keep the discussion going: don’t forget to exchange contact details so you can follow up with questions, and perhaps build upon each other’s work.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the conference centre: whether it is after the day’s programme, or for a quick break between sessions, plenty of fabulous spots are within minutes from the conference entrance. It is also easy to spot people wearing the EGU badge around Vienna, which can be a way to introduce yourself to others.

Vienna offers plenty of great places to eat out or, if weather permits, chill in a park.

The #EGU24’s record-breaking attendance can be daunting, but it means that there are now more opportunities than ever to network and socialize. Make the most of it!

Jakub is an EGU24 Press Assistant and EGU22 Artist in Residence. He is pursuing a PhD focused on visualizing the nature of science within the context of the incomplete data of Venus' atmosphere, which, similarly to his involvement with EGU, builds on Jakub's background in journalism/PR and his passions for art and learning. See Jakub's work at

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