Find your scientists: how to network at EGU24

Find your scientists: how to network at EGU24

The General Assembly is the nucleus around which EGU’s community gathers and connects, providing a week of opportunity to meet new people and reaffirm old bonds. Progress within science and its impact on society rises from the confluence of ideas and a diversity of voices; to facilitate meeting and discussion at the Assembly, #EGU24 offers a number of paths for building your network. Networking events are available both within and across scientific disciplines, and for joining communities engaging with the many cross-cutting themes in the Earth, space and planetary sciences.

Many of the networking events are in-person however those attending online can meet each other online using the official EGU24 virtual conference centre in Gather.Town, which includes its own networking zone. Virtual attendees should also keep an eye on the pop-up networking programme mentioned below, where community-led online events are scheduled.

There’s a lot of networking opportunities out there and below we’ll guide you through some of the highlights. Be sure to keep track of events by building your personal programme.

Pop-up networking

The pop-up networking tool allows attendees to add their own events to the EGU24 programme. Every year a diverse of cornucopia of events are submitted, ranging from topical discussions to social events both online and in-person. Keep an eye on the pop-up networking programme page as events are added throughout the Assembly, or organise your own!

In the pop-up networking programme you will find many of the icebreakers, social breaks, lunches and evening events organised for division members and early career scientists (ECS).  In previous years, the pop-up networking programme also included events like post-session scientific discussions,  playground breaks for attendees with children, and meetings with geoscience societies and organisations also in attendance.

You can learn how to organise your own pop-up networking event ahead of or during the General Assembly in our “Run your own event at EGU24 with the pop-up networking scheduler!” article.

Union-wide networking

Several key events mark the networking and social programme for the whole of the Union. On Sunday 14 April (18:30 – 21:00) the official Opening Reception kicks off the week by bringing together the community from across the Union in a single event.

People new to the General Assembly should join the First-time Attendee Networking event on Monday 15 (18:00 – 19:30), which is especially for attendees whose networks may be small or just beginning. Occurring at the same time is the EDI Reception, which is open to attendees interested in the Union’s equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The Mentor-Mentee Meet Up on Tuesday 16 (12:45-13:45) provides space for mentors and mentees to connect over lunch, both with each other and with fellow mentees and mentors. Later that evening, early career scientists are encouraged to join the ECS Networking Reception  (18.00 – 19.30), where they will meet other ECS from across the divisions along with the early career scientist representatives, senior scientists, medallists and EGU’s volunteers. For the first time this year no prior registration is needed!

LGBTQIA+ members and their allies are invited to learn about the EGU Pride network at the Pride and Allies Reception on Wednesday 17 (18.00-19:30).

On Thursday 18  (12:45-13:45) early career scientists are encouraged to attend the ECS Forum, where they can meet the early career scientist representatives over lunch, learn what the rep’s do for the community throughout the year,  and give feedback on the ECS experience at the Assembly. The Thursday evening networking block will host the Geographically Under-Represented Geoscientists’ Networking Reception (18.00-19:00), which welcomes attendees from countries whose research communities are historically under-represented or whom encounter barriers when engaging with geoscience networks.

Finally, attendees who want to meet others with an interest in topics affecting scientific research and impact across disciplines should check  out the cross-cutting themes and the the splinter meetings programme groups. Splinter meetings host a number of topical networking events, such as the LGBTQIA+ in Geosciences event (Monday 15 April, 10:45–12:30) and the APECS networking event (Monday 15 April, 14:00–15:45) for the members of the polar research community.

The cross-cutting themes group provides opportunities to meet division-spanning communities, like joining the Union’s science-policy community at events like the daily Science for Policy Helpdesk, and meet others looking to make the geosciences more inclusive at events such as the discussion on improving the representation of scientists from the global south (Friday 19 April, 12:45–13:45). Attendees wanting to build their science communication and outreach network should consider attending one of the art-science sessions, or share in watching the thought-provoking films on offer at the GeoCinema.


Division networking

Of the 22 scientific divisions that compose EGU’s community, many will be hosting their own networking events. These include mini-breaks and lunchtime meet-ups during the assembly, as well as evening events afterwards. Be sure to check-out the pop-up networking section the programme, where community members add networking opportunities for their division throughout the Assembly.

Events are also advertised on many division’s social media profiles – you can discover what social media your division has on the division’s webpage, accessed through the online list of divisions. Division events and other communications are also reposted by EGU’s official “X” account, making it easier for users of the platform.

Division meetings also provide the opportunity to meet the volunteers behind your division’s initiatives and find out your division does throughout the year. Lastly, celebrate and uplift the accomplishment of your colleagues at the medal and award lectures and celebrations.

Meet EGU

Interested in meeting the people who keeping the Union moving, what initiatives and opportunities are available at the Assembly and throughout the year,  or how to get involved? The Meet EGU programme subgroup is your invitation to get to know the many volunteers and the staff that make the Assembly – and EGU as a whole – work. Stop by if you want to meet the editor’s of EGU journals, the teams behind the scientific divisions, the committees which oversee the Union’s many education and outreach initiatives, or if you’re just curious to know who organises the conference programme!

EGU will continue to post articles online over the coming weeks to support and guide our members through the EGU24 General Assembly. We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna, either in-person or online!

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Simon Clark is the Project Manager at the European Geosciences Union, where he oversee project, community, and organisational development. Simon is also the point of contact for early career scientists (ECS) at the EGU Executive Office. They have a PhD in Ecohydraulics and Environmental Engineering from the University of Liverpool, UK. Beyond research, Simon also has a strong interest in science-communication, -art, and -storytelling. You can find Simon on twitter @kelpiesi.

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