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GeoTalk: meet Blaise Nyandwi, researcher in public perceptions of volcanic hazards!

Blaise Mafuko Nyandwi

Thanks for joining us today Blaise! To begin, could you talk about your background and why you pursued research on people’s perceptions of natural hazards? I have a background in geology and environmental sciences. Goma is my hometown and I work as a lecturer at the University of Goma. Living and working in a city built on lava flows and permanently threatened by several hazards from Nyiragongo vo ...[Read More]

GeoTalk: meet Jarmo Kikstra, researcher in energy transition under climate change!

Jarmo Kikstra

Hello Jarmo. Thank you for joining us for the interview today! Before we put our foot on the gas, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your research? Hi Simon, nice to meet you! Thanks for inviting me to chat with you about my research, and perhaps a bit about the person behind this research – it’s an honour! The basics; I was born in the Netherlands and lived in South Korea, the UK, ...[Read More]

EGU22: The bitter reality behind fixed-term contracts

EGU22: The bitter reality behind fixed-term contracts

Monday evening’s Great Debate was definitely the place to be. Whether you were a PhD student, a professor, a research associate, a lecturer or, like me, a Postdoctoral researcher, this debate was here to raise awareness of the lack of permanent positions and the impact this has on a researcher’s career (and life!). As you may all know, getting a permanent position can sometimes feel like an ...[Read More]

EGU22: What makes a good CV?

EGU22: What makes a good CV?

This year for EGU22 we wanted to make participation in the Jobs and Careers events equally accesible whether you are participating remotely or on-site, so we added the ‘Ask me for my CV’ sticker that you can put in your profile to let people know that your CV is available. But what about the actual CV itself? Seismology Division Early Career Scientist Michaela Wenner, supported by the ...[Read More]