Imaggeo On Monday: High amplitude ‘V-shaped’ kink fold with axial plane cleavage

Imaggeo On Monday: High amplitude ‘V-shaped’ kink fold with axial plane cleavage
The Himalayan-Tibetan orogeny has been considered the youngest collisional fold belt in the Earth and a classic example of intercontinental collision orogeny. It is comprised of different litho-tectonic units manifested by normal/thrust faults and suture zones (Valdiya, K.S., 1977). The Himalayan region has experienced multifaced deformation, spectacular rock assemblages with high-pressure-temperature metamorphism, and an earthquake center with evidence of Mw 8.4–8.6 in 1950 around the NE Himalaya (Srivastava et al., 2013). Folds are the unique geological structure of an orogeny belt that demonstrates the state of stress and the mechanism of ductile deformation. Here is a classic depiction of a high-amplitude “V-shaped” kink fold with axial plane cleavage. Lithological composition is shale with competent and incompetent layers. The photograph was taken along the roadside of NH-7 from Karnaprayag to Rudraprayag in the Garhwal-Srinagar region of Uttarakhand, India.


Photo and caption by Bhupesh Meher, shared on


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