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Do you have data-related questions? Are you looking to make your data and/or software open and FAIR? Are you interested in tools and resources for working with your data or for finding data to reuse? The Open Science and Data Help Desk is here for you!

The Open Science and Data Help Desk, which is a program of the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), EGU, and American Geophysical Union (AGU), provides researchers with opportunities to engage with informatics experts in their domains. Through the Help Desk, researchers can learn about skills and techniques that help further their research and make their data and software more open and FAIR. The Open Science & Data Help Desk is staffed with experts from the Earth science informatics community to answer data-related questions and to demo useful resources.

This year you will notice that ‘Open Science’ has been added to the Data Help Desk title. The UNESCO recommendation on open science defines it as “open knowledge, open infrastructure, open engagement and dialogue, and open communications”. It has the potential to make the scientific process more transparent, inclusive and trustworthy. While the Data Help Desk has always featured resources that can help researchers make their data and software more open, the organisers want to acknowledge the growing importance and number of resources for doing so and especially bring some of these into the spotlight during the event this year.

When: 23 – 28 April 2023 during EGU23 General Assembly

Where:  In-person and online. We are located in Hall X2 at booth #X224. You can also follow #DataHelpDesk or tweet us @EarthDataHelp. Learn more about the EGU23 Open Science and Data Help Desk events here.


During the Virtual Data Help Desk, you can:

  • Ask Data Questions: Share your questions any time during the event at Hall X2, Booth #X224 and/or via Twitter using the hashtag #DataHelpDesk or submit your question via the form HERE. Our team of Earth science data professionals has decades of experience in informatics and in many scientific domains and specializes in topics like finding, sharing, analyzing, publishing, and citing data.
  • Watch Tool Demos & Tutorials: We will direct you to helpful tutorials and demos throughout the week that will highlight tools and resources you can use to manage your data and enhance your research. Follow #DataHelpDesk to hear about these!


The Data Help Desk has been held in the past at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, the Ocean Sciences Meeting, and the European Geosciences Union General Assembly. The virtual event at #EGU23 represents another exciting opportunity for anyone to jump in and ask questions, regardless of geographic location. Join us to improve your data skills and practices!


Questions? Contact


Looking for resources now? Why not check out the Data Help Desk’s recommended video playlist on our YouTube channel!


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Hazel Gibson is Head of Communications at the European Geosciences Union. She is responsible for the management of the Union's social media presence and the EGU blogs, where she writes regularly for the EGU's official blog, GeoLog. She has a PhD in Geoscience Communication and Cognition from the University of Plymouth in the UK. Hazel tweets @iamhazelgibson.

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