vEGU21 GeoTalk: Meet the Communications Team!

vEGU21 GeoTalk: Meet the Communications Team!

This year for vEGU21 we are very excited to be welcoming three great people into our EGU Communications Team for the next month to help with social media, blogging and the press conferences. These interns and volunteer are going to be assisting EGU Communications Officer Hazel Gibson and Head of Media, Communications and Outreach Terri Cook, in the run up to, and during the General Assembly, so if you see them online, don’t hesitate to say hi!


Welcome to the team Ubwiza, Fabio and Erin!



Ubwiza Chiyungi (Social Media and Blogging Intern)

Twitter: @WizaChiyungi

Hi, my name is Ubwiza and I currently live in Lusaka, Zambia. I majored in a Environmental Studies for my Bachelor of Sciences at Mulungushi University and I have specialized in non-fiction writing, social media management, content creation and graphic designing for non-profits or social enterprises.  The reason I wanted to intern at EGU is because I have always had an interest in geosciences, coming from a science background, and I wanted to able to utilise my skills in social media management.



Fabio Crameri (Social Media and Blogging Intern)

Twitter: @fcrameri

Hi I’m Fabio and I am a geophysicist studying mantle convection through deep time and developing numerical modelling and scientific visualisation tools. Whether it concerns the evolution of our planet through deep time, the changing climate, or the pandemic, I believe accurate and clear science communication is essential. Doing so via online media rebuilds trust in both scientists and facts, while also supporting behavioural change towards a low-carbon society. Being able to do a remote communication internship at the EGU is therefore a truly valuable opportunity for me.



Erin Martin-Jones (Press Conference Assistant)

Twitter: @Catherine_MMJ

Hi, my name is Erin and I started out as a tephrochronologist; first studying for a PhD at Aberystwyth before working as a research assistant in Cambridge’s Geography department. After dabbling in scicomm for a while,  I decided to trade lab coat for pen and paper, and recently joined Cambridge Earth Sciences as their science writer. This year, after attending a couple of previous general assemblies as a scientist, I am excited to see behind the scenes at vEGU21 and learn more about media relations.

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Hazel Gibson is Head of Communications at the European Geosciences Union. She is responsible for the management of the Union's social media presence and the EGU blogs, where she writes regularly for the EGU's official blog, GeoLog. She has a PhD in Geoscience Communication and Cognition from the University of Plymouth in the UK. Hazel tweets @iamhazelgibson.

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