Top 5 (Last Minute) Gifts for Geoscientists…!

Top 5 (Last Minute) Gifts for Geoscientists…!

So it’s the winter holidays, and you may be looking for some last-minute gifts for the geoscientists in your life. But because it’s 2020, if you haven’t got anything already, you may be getting worried: shipping times are taking longer and longer, and you might not even be able to visit the nearest shopping centre due to a lockdown.


If this is you, don’t panic: we’ve got you covered with the EGU’s Top 5 (Last-Minute) Gifts for Geoscientists, 2020 edition!


5: The ultimate sample collection kit!!!

All the things you need to put together an effective and much-appreciated sample collection kit, you can get from your nearest supermarket or convenience store! It’s easy – just grab ziplock bags of varying sizes, permanent marker pens, pencils, and a small notebook for your favourite geoscientist to record their latest discoveries!


4: Field site logging kit for all your science needs!

Every geoscientist also needs to carefully document their field locations, so what better to use than a brand-new seasonal notebook and a set of colouring pencils! You could even go so far as to throw in a disposable camera or two (if you are able to find one) – the benefits of which are twofold, firstly you don’t need to keep it charged (like your phone or a more expensive camera), and secondly, you can take the plastic lens out from inside the camera and use it to turn your phone into an impromptu microscope if you really need it!


3: MAPS!

2020 has been difficult for all of us in many different ways, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be optimistic for the future! So why not help your geoscientist in need of a gift to start planning for the future by gifting them some local maps? I don’t know any geologist who doesn’t love a good map, and what better way to spend a locked-down seasonal holiday than pouring over a new map and finding fun new local places just begging to be discovered? Of course, your favourite geoscientist will need to be prepared for your trip, so don’t forget to throw in a reusable water bottle and some trail mix to really get their excitement for new adventures flowing.


2: Cake (no, really!)

This should be obvious. Geoscientists love cake. We use cake for our analogies, we make geological places out of cake, we celebrate big events with cake – it’s an easy win. Especially if you include in your gift a little guide for how to use said cake to teach geological concepts – that will have your geoscientist gift receiver delighting their loved ones for HOURS during the holidays (sorry to the families and loved ones of these geoscientists, but at least there is cake?!).


That’s not a dinosaur…. (Credit: Hazel Gibson)

Honourable mention: children’s ‘dinosaur’ toy set

We couldn’t let this list pass without mentioning something that isn’t available in every cornershop, but is a great choice for all the palaeontologists out there. Give them hours of ranting pleasure when you gift them a tube of child’s ‘dinosaur’ toys. Just wait until they invariably come across a Dimetrodon or even *g a s p* a MAMMOTH! Hours of entertainment will be theirs, spent in joyous complaining about how these creaturess “are NOT a DINOSAUR”. What greater gift to give?!


1: an EGU Membership!!!

Of course, our number one recommendation is an EGU membership!! We may be a little biased, but this is the perfect 2020 gift for that beloved geoscientist in your life. At only €20, you can get them a whole year of access to EGU’s programs, funding, awards, committees, a newsletter, AND discounted registration to vEGU21, our online alternative to the General Assembly. So head online right now to find out how to renew their EGU membership. And hey, if you want to renew yours at the same time, that’s not such a bad idea.


Season’s greeting everyone, and don’t worry; 2020 is nearly over!!!

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Hazel Gibson is Head of Communications at the European Geosciences Union. She is responsible for the management of the Union's social media presence and the EGU blogs, where she writes regularly for the EGU's official blog, GeoLog. She has a PhD in Geoscience Communication and Cognition from the University of Plymouth in the UK. Hazel tweets @iamhazelgibson.

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