What is the EGU (extraordinary virtual) Plenary, and why should I attend?

What is the EGU (extraordinary virtual) Plenary, and why should I attend?

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual Plenary is the Union’s business meeting where updates are provided and new officers are inaugurated. Prior to 2020, this meeting took place during the General Assembly (GA) week every year. With the onset of COVID-19 and the change in conference format, the last few years have seen the plenary move online. At this year’s General Assembly (EGU22), there was a small on-site plenary, but with the high number of oral talks at this year’s conference, the main Plenary has been moved to the digital format once again.

The extraordinary virtual Plenary will now take place on 8 July 2022, at 12:30pm (CEST).


Why is it important to attend?

As a member of EGU, the Plenary helps you stay up to date on structural changes and important information such as the financial situation. As a member, you also get your say on who should represent you as the President, treasurer and other officers. At the plenary, new officers are inaugurated and elections for other positions are announced. Moreover, to welcome in any changes and confirm new officers, a certain number of EGU members are required to be present, so we encourage your participation at the upcoming meeting!


What’s happening this year?

Two large changes to the statutes and by-laws which govern the EGU structure are to be voted on. The update of the statutes is to reflect the necessity of hybrid Plenaries in following years. The update of the by-laws is to reflect the new committee and who represents them at the Council level. The Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) working group has been crucial for the development of a safer, more accessible, and inclusive EGU. However, in order to have a greater say and continue their good work, they want to become a committee, which will require a chairperson to be appointed by the council.


Okay, I am convinced, how do I attend?

The extraordinary virtual Plenary will take place digitally via Zoom. All current members of EGU (for example everyone who attended EGU22 on-site or virtually) are invited to participate and should have received an email (on or around the 24th of June). You just need to click the registration in that email and sign up! Then log onto zoom at 12:30 (CEST), with a mug of fresh coffee and from the comfort of your chair/bed/office/deckchair and have your say! Don’t forget, July 8th!

Jenny Turton is a post doc researcher at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. Her research focuses on polar meteorology and the interaction between atmospheric processes and ice in Greenland. She is also the incoming deputy union-level Early Career Scientist (ECS) representative for EGU. She tweets from @TurtonJ1990.

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