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Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, a multidisciplinary soil scientist

Ingrid Kögel-Knabner Chair of Soil Science Technical University of Munich The 2015 Philippe Duchaufour Medal is awarded to Ingrid Kögel-Knabner for her fundamental and ground-breaking work on the dynamics and stabilisation of soil organic matter in soils from a basic-chemistry and organo-mineral interactions perspective. I received my doctorate from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in 1987. In ...[Read More]

Notes on the Short Course on Forest Fire Effects on Soil Properties (EGU2014)

SSS10.11/SC21 Convener: Paulo Pereira  | Co-Conveners: Guillermo Rein , Antonio Jordán , Claudio Zaccone , Lorena M. Zavala In this edition of European Geoscience (EGU) 2014 Assembly we organized a short course on Forest Fire Effects on Soil Properties. As in the previous course organized in EGU 2013, we think that the objectives were largely achieved. The attendance was high (Figure 1) and the pa ...[Read More]

EGU2014 SSS Best Flyer Award

It’s time to vote for your favourite EGU2014 SSS flyer! Votes will be received until March 31st 2014 (votes after that deadline will not be included). You can access the contest rules here: What’s your fav? Vote at:

Short time for submitting abstracts to the EGU2014 Programme on Soil Science

Deadlines Have you submitted yours? Be aware of deadlines: 16 January 2014: Deadline for receipt of abstracts 30 January 2014: Cancellation of Support Applicants who did not answer 04 February 2014: Letter of acceptance 12 March 2014: Letter of schedule 31 March 2014: Deadline for letters of invitation 31 March 2014: Deadline for early registration Call for abstracts: Soil System Sciences Chose th ...[Read More]