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EGU22: Wednesday highlights

EGU22: Wednesday highlights

This Wednesday we are at exactly half time through the congress! Here are some tips for today as one looks forward to a wonderful day of learning and sharing.

We start between 8.30 and 11.45 CEST immersing ourselves in the world of metamorphic minerals (session GMPV 7.2Room D2 and geodynamic processes (session GD 6.1- Room -2.91 In the GMPV 7.2 session, we will try to address various issues related to metamorphic and metasomatic processes starting from past concepts, up to the innovation of the present and the future. The session GD 6.1 will deal with discussing and improving the knowledge relating to the rheology and mechanical behavior of the lithosphere and mantle.

Just after lunch between 13.20 and 15.00 CEST, we propose the GMPV 6.4 session in Room -2.47 / 48, where the speakers will deal with explaining their projects concerning the processes that drive the transformation of rocks by fluids, in conditions of low metamorphism and of deformation. Furthermore, at the same time but in Room -2.16, during the GMPV 8.1 session, we will mainly talk about experimental petrology and the effects that can occur during the growth of minerals during the differentiation and storage of magma at high pressure.

During coffee time or afternoon tea, whichever you prefer, we recommend that you follow the GMPV 10.4 session in Room -2.16, which is mainly based on the study of numerical models useful for improving the volcanic hazard. The convener of this session will be several researchers from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) and together with the speakers will try to better describe the evolution of eruptive phenomena and to broaden the knowledge of complex volcanic processes thanks to direct physical-mathematical models and inverse.

To conclude, we also propose the course SC4.14-Room -2.85 / 86 from 19.00 to 20.00 CEST, where the convener Vojtech Ettler and Nadine Piatak of Charles University (Chechia) will try to provide the audience with an overview of environmental geochemistry and the potential of resources coming from metallurgical slag.

Last but not least, we want to invite you and remind you that tomorrow 26 May from 19.00 CEST there will be the GMPV ECS Networking Event, an event open to anyone, useful for networking, talking with colleagues, sharing experiences with them and meeting new ones, scientists from all over the world, drinking good beer. If you are interested, the link to participate is the following:

Good continuation of the congress!!! #EGU22 #EGU22_GMPV!

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Elisabetta obtained her PhD in Geosciences in the Volcanological field at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy). In your PhD she studied the propagation of tephra in the Mediterranean area following large explosive eruptions. She now works at the company Geolog Technologies S.r.l. (San Giuliano Milanese, MI, Italy). You can contact her via email ( or on Linkedin (

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