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Machine Learning and Volcanic Crystals: a journey with Corin Jorgenson into Random Forest Thermobarometry


Thermobarometry: a bit of background Being able to understand the eruptive style of a volcano, how the eruptive behavior can evolve over time and managing to better interpret the signals that a volcanic system gives us before an eruption are of fundamental importance for mitigating the risk associated with eruptive activities. In this context, it is extremely important to understand trans-crustal ...[Read More]

5 things I learnt from 2 months at sea with the International Ocean Discovery Program

Photo of sunset behind the drilling vessel JOIDES resolution

This year I was lucky enough to be part of International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 390 – South Atlantic Transect I – aboard the research vessel JOIDES Resolution which spent two months, from April to June, out in the South Atlantic, drilling into and sampling the upper oceanic crust and sediments. I sailed as a petrologist and was responsible for describing how the basa ...[Read More]

Can human curiosity affect dynamic risk?

Can human curiosity affect dynamic risk?

In simple words, the volcanic risk (R) can be defined as R = Value × Vulnerability × Hazard. The value is a figure that varies according to the total number of population and / or infrastructures at risk during a volcanic eruption, vulnerability is the percentage of value at risk for a given volcanic event and the hazard is the probability that a certain place may be affected by a determined hazar ...[Read More]

EGU22: Wednesday highlights

EGU22: Wednesday highlights

This Wednesday we are at exactly half time through the congress! Here are some tips for today as one looks forward to a wonderful day of learning and sharing. We start between 8.30 and 11.45 CEST immersing ourselves in the world of metamorphic minerals (session GMPV 7.2– Room D2 and geodynamic processes (session GD 6. ...[Read More]