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EGU22: Thursday Highlights

Grand Prismatic Spring by David Mencin (via

It’s Thursday! Many European countries would actually have a holiday today with a long morning in bed or a nice stroll around nature, but what is there that’s better than spending this day at the EGU conference center?! To help you make the best out of this holiday, we’ll give you some highlights of the day to navigate around!

We suggest you to start your day early, there are some great sessions on the 15 January 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcanic eruption or the Evolution of the Earth’s upper mantle, you should not miss! At the same time Gro Pedersen will give an interesting presentation on the “Volume, effusive rate, and lava transport during the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption: Results from near real-time photogrammetric monitoring” in session GMPV9.1 and Pamela Knoll will present her work on “The effect of Calcium and Magnesium Ions on CO2 Convective Dissolution and Carbonate Precipitation” in the GMPV co-organized HS8.1.2 session in the late morning!

After lunch you can combat your food coma by listening to some great presentations in the Metamorphism, fluids, and melts in subduction zones: Mass transfer and carbon mobility, Evolution of the cratonic lithosphere: Variability, geodynamic interactions and resource potential, or North Atlantic and Arctic connections: Evolution structure and landscapes sessions.

After this, we strongly recommend you to take a quick coffee break to get this caffeine going and to get ready for the afternoon block, which holds quite some intriguing presentations for you. How about attending the session on Early Earth: Dynamics, Geology, Chemistry and Life in Archean Earth or listening to Andreas Lüttges talk on the “Latest developments in research on mineral reactions: Accessibility of results and progress versus convenience” in BG5/GMPV5?

And if you are not tired of the day yet we encourage you to visit the evening sessions Advances in analytical and experimental techniques in mineralogical and geochemical research and Living with volcanoes: Insights into Volcanic Emissions and their Impacts on the Environment, Climate and Health. Or pass by the ECS Forum which will be held between 5-6:30 pm in case you have some burning questions or just would like to chat a bit with other ECS!

And now after a long day of conferencing, how about getting a bit social again and do some networking? The GMPV ECS committee is organizing a dinner event, which is open to anyone who would like to join, have some fun and get to know each other in person! The dinner will take place at 7 pm in 7stern Bräu. You can find more information and register for the event here.

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Franziska Keller is PhD student at the Institute for Geochemistry and Petrology, at ETH Zürich. Her current work focuses on the understanding of long-term petrological cycles in silicic calderas of Japan applying different petrological and geochronological techniques.

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