Energy, Resources and the Environment

Need support? Check EGU Meetings Support for 2016

Are you planning to host a meeting, workshop or training school, but need some support? Check out the EGU Meetings Support scheme for 2016.


The EGU welcomes proposals for Topical Meetings, Training Schools and Workshops, as well as applications for EGU Sponsorship of External Meetings, for the year 2016.Successful proposals result in high profile EGU events with financial support.

Proposals for events in 2016 must be submitted by 31 July 2015 only via the online form on the EGU website.

More information about the aims, format and mechanisms of the EGU Topical Events Programme together with application guidelines can be found here.

Flying Colours Fever. Credit: Suzanne Voice (distributed via

Flying EGU Colours.
Credit: Suzanne Voice (distributed via

Suzanne Hangx is a post-doctoral researcher at the High Pressure and Temperature Laboratory of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her research focusses on fluid-rock interactions and how they affect the mechanical properties of rocks. By breaking rocks on a (more or less) day-to-day basis, she aims to make a contribution to potential solutions of societally relevant earth scientific issues, such as subsurface CO2 storage or surface subsidence induced by hydrocarbon or groundwater pumping. Suzanne is currently the Subsurface Officer of the Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

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