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The European Geosciences Union (EGU) brings together geoscientists from all over Europe and the rest of the world, covering all disciplines of the earth, planetary and space sciences. This geoscientific interdisciplinarity is needed to tackle the challenges of the future. A major challenge for humankind is to provide adequate and reliable supplies of affordable energy and other resources. These should be obtained in environmentally sustainable ways, which is essential for economic prosperity, environmental quality and political stability around the world. One goal of the division Energy, Resources & the Environment (ERE) is to be a leading discussion forum for these issues. The core of the division consists of experts in various fields that will help meet the mutually coupled challenges of Energy, Resources and the Environment. Also visit our Division page on the EGU website. Those wishing to contribute to the ERE blog can submit a post here.

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe. With partner organisations worldwide, EGU fosters fundamental geoscience research, alongside applied research that addresses key societal and environmental challenges. EGU’s vision is to realise a sustainable and just future for humanity and for the planet. 

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President: Chris Juhlin

Chris JuhlinChris has a background in geology and geophysics and has been involved in both academic and industry projects, both in the natural resource and energy sectors. Current research interests include crustal geophysics, high resolution seismics, seismic modelling, mining geophysics, geological storage of CO2, and scientific drilling.

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Deputy President: Michael Kühn

Michael KuhnMichael is a geochemist and hydrogeologist by training with a research focus on the numerical simulation of hydrogeothermal systems in the subsurface. This includes quantification of interactions between deep and shallow groundwater systems, geochemical water-rock-interactions, coupled numerical simulation (hydraulical, thermal, mechanical, chemical), formation of ore deposits, CO2 storage in geologic formations and hydrogeothermal energy provision.

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Officer Subsurface: Suzanne Hangx

Suzanne HangxSuzanne is an experimental rock mechanist by background. She has always been curious about the physical and chemical processes that control rock material behaviour in the subsurface, along with the direct relevance of this field to socially relevant issues, such as geological storage of CO2 and geo-energy production. Her background in both academia and industry puts her in a perfect position to combine the best of both worlds, translating and linking purely scientific research to the needs of industry and society, and a sustainable future.

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Officer Above Ground: Viktor Bruckman

Viktor BruckmanViktor’s research interests include renewable energy from biomass, with a focus on forests. He is also involved in biochar research and the investigation of carbon and nutrient cycles which includes soil processes and climate change. His interdisciplinary and holistic approaches are directed towards a sustainable and eco-friendly utilization of biomass as a source for energy and industrial raw materials.

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Officer Outreach & Education: Maria Ask

Maria AskMaria’s research interests are focused on rock mechanics of sediments and rocks and the state of in-situ stress. She is involved in various projects, for example investigating the stress state for storage of CO2 and petroleum prospecting, as well as rock mechanical properties of reservoir and cap rock in CO2 storage.

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Officer Economics & Integration: Hermann Held

Herman HeldHermann’s research interests include the integration of economics with the science concerning energy supply and production.

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Officer Early Career Scientist Representative: Sian Loveless

Sian LovelessSian has a background in hydrogeology and structural geology. Her research interests include geothermal energy, faults and fluid flow, novel methods for geothermal exploration, and numerical modelling. She also has an interest in the applications of geological sciences and energy technology in policy.

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Banner image: Geothermal energy live, by J. Florian Wellmann; Image source: Imaggeo

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