Cryospheric Sciences

David Docquier

David Docquier is a post-doctoral researcher at the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium ( His study focuses on the cause-effect relationships between recent summer sea-ice lows in both polar regions and their potential interacting agents. His work is funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) via the RESIST project (find the project here:

You thought it was over? Here’s more on the 2023 Antarctic sea-ice extent record low

A figure showing several lines for several years of sea ice extent. They look like a wave with the minimum around february each year and the maximum around october.

  In November last year (see this post), we promised to provide you an update of what happened with Antarctic sea ice during the year 2023 – a year of an exceptionally low extent. In this post, we try our best to discuss the conditions that lead to (part of) the recent loss in Antarctic sea ice, including atmospheric and ocean processes. How sea ice usually works… One of the ways scientists h ...[Read More]