Cryospheric Sciences


Welcome to the blog of the Cryospheric Sciences (CR) Division of the European Geosciences Union. The aim of the blog is to get you, the reader, excited about all things related to ice, whether it be the tiniest ice crystals, permafrost, snow drifts, beautiful mountain glaciers or the vast polar ice sheets. Here, the latest fieldwork programmes, research projects or scientific results will be showcased by authors from the cryospheric community. The blog is run by Loeka Jongejans, Lina Madaj and Maria Scheel. Would you like to write a blog entry about your research? Please get in touch with the editors, Loeka Jongejans (email: loeka.jongejans(at), Lina Madaj (email: l.madaj(at) or Maria Scheel (email: maria.scheel(at)

Banner image: Bluesy glacier, by Velio Coviello; Image source: Imaggeo

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