Ben Fisher

Ben is a the Editor of the BG Blog and is the co-rep for Early Career Scientists (ECS) in the BG division. Ben is a marine biogeochemist and PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, his research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. Currently he is working to understand the relationship between marine phytoplankton and carbon and nitrogen uptake in the Southern Ocean.

Meet Adina Paytan- Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky medal winner 2022

Dr Adina Paytan's research group in a field

We spoke to Dr. Adina Paytan, Research Scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz and Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky medal winner for 2022. The Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky medal is awarded annually by the Biogeosciences division to those who make an exceptional contribution to biogeosciences. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how your career pr ...[Read More]

Biogeosciences in the blue zone- COP26.

COP26 plenary room

Our Editor, Ben Fisher, writes about his experience as an observer at COP26 and the representation of biogeosciences in the negotiation area.  I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity attend the second week of COP26 as a delegate of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Having been a rather last minute addition to the attendance list (I found out I’d got credentials ...[Read More]

Write for the BG Blog!

Write for the BG Blog!

We are delighted to be able to invite members of the Biogeosciences community to contribute to our division blog. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your research, fieldwork or opinion/comment piece. Our editors will work with you to perfect your posts and we will share the blog through our social media channels to ensure it reaches a wide audience. We will be accepting blog posts in the fol ...[Read More]

World Ocean Day 2021!

World Ocean Day 2021!

Today (8th June) marks World Ocean Day, celebrated annually since 1992 World Ocean Day is a chance to celebrate the 71% of our planet covered by the Ocean and reflect on the actions we need to take to preserve this vital part of our Earth System. Each year, World Ocean Day has a different theme, this year the focus is on Life and Livelihoods, seeking to represent the interconnections between the O ...[Read More]