Write for the BG Blog!

Write for the BG Blog!

We are delighted to be able to invite members of the Biogeosciences community to contribute to our division blog. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your research, fieldwork or opinion/comment piece. Our editors will work with you to perfect your posts and we will share the blog through our social media channels to ensure it reaches a wide audience.

We will be accepting blog posts in the following categories:

  • Research Feature: A classic research blog, this is your opportunity to tell us about an area of science that interests you. It should be accessible to all, images and references are encouraged.
  • BG Methods: These are short articles focusing on the types of methods people use, we’re particularly interested in hearing about new methods, self designed equipment and field sampling techniques.
  • Community Comment: Your space to discuss topics that are important to you and of interest to our discipline but that aren’t necessarily scientific. We are interested in providing space to authors who wish to focus on representing historically underrepresented groups in biogeosciences, or current issues (e.g. biogeosciences in the news or policy). This section can also be used for articles aimed at our early career scientists, for example opinions on topics such as career progression or peer review.
  • Behind the paper: This area of the blog is reserved for authors of articles published in our sister journal, Biogeosciences (Copernicus). Here, we want to know about all the things that didn’t make it in to the paper, the experiments that went wrong, the makeshift solutions that saved your fieldwork or the story of how you came up with your research idea.
  • Fieldwork Focus: We want to know where biogeoscientists conduct their research, this is your place to show off your fieldwork and tell us about the work you’ve been doing. These articles should take us away from our desk for a few minutes and make us feel like we were with you on your trip, who did you meet, what did you eat, what went well/wrong? Lots of pictures are encouraged!

Blogs should roughly adhere to a word limit of 200-500 words.

If you would like to submit a blog post or discuss an idea with one of our editors then please contact us at: 

We look forward to seeing your work!


Ben Fisher
Ben is the Editor of the BG Blog and is the co-rep for Early Career Scientists (ECS) in the BG division. Ben is a marine biogeochemist and PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, his research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. Currently he is working to understand the relationship between marine phytoplankton and carbon and nitrogen uptake in the Southern Ocean.

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