Meet your BG team 2022/23

Meet your BG team 2022/23

The Biogeosciences division is pleased to have substantially grown over the last year! In this blog post we’ll introduce you to our new representatives and detail how you can get involved in BG activities over the next year.


President: Lisa Wingate (INRAE)

Lisa Wingate

Lisa (she/her) has been president of the BG division since 2020 and has been elected to serve until 2025. She works as a researcher for INRAE in Bordeaux France. She has a passion for the natural world and has conducted research on how plants and soil microbes influence the chemistry of the atmosphere. She also investigates how feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry and climate will impact biosphere function using a range of tools and at different scales. Lisa is also an active member of the EGU Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Committee Twitter: @LisaWingateBdx





ECS Reps: Ben Fisher (Uni. Edinburgh), Elisabet Martínez-Sancho (Swiss Federal Research Institute), Gerbrand Koren (Utrecht University).

Ben FisherBen (he/him) is the Chief Editor of the BG Blog and is the rep for Early Career Scientists (ECS) in the BG division. Ben previously served as the ECS deputy rep (2021-2022). Ben is a marine biogeochemist and PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, his research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. Currently he is working to understand the relationship between marine phytoplankton and carbon and nitrogen uptake in the Southern Ocean. Twitter: @benfisher_






Elisabet (she/her) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. She is currently the ECS deputy rep having previously served as ECS rep (2021-22). Her research focuses on understanding the impact of climate change on tree growth and wood formation and its feedbacks onto terrestrial cycles. Twitter: @eli_martinezs




Gerbrand Koren

Gerbrand is a member of the Biogeosciences ECS representatives team and an assistant professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His research addresses quantification and better understanding of CO2 exchange between the atmosphere and vegetation using remote sensing, stable isotopes, and modeling approaches.

Sub-division officers:


Our sub-division officers represent the different themes across the BG division. You can contact them about blog posts or campfire events related to their topics or for new general assembly session proposals within their themes.


Terrestrial Biogeosciences: Steffen Seitz, Teresa Gimeno, Lucia S. Layritz, Robyn Pickering


Steffen is currently an assistant professor in soil science and geomorphology at the University of Tübingen, Germany and a JSPS Research Fellow at the FFPRI Forestry Institute, Department of soil and water conservation, Japan. His research interests span vegetation and soil erosion with a focus on biogeomorphology, ecohydrology, ecosystem functioning and methodology in erosion research.
Twitter: @seitz_steffen.



Teresa (sher/her) is a senior researcher at CREAF, Barcelona. Her interests are in plant ecology and ecophysiology, impacts of elevated CO2 on plant and ecosystem functioning and using climate and global change manipulation experiments to inform terrestrial biosphere models. Twitter: @TerefiGimeno




Lucia (she/her) is a PhD student at the Technical University Munich. She is interested in disturbance regimes of boreal forests, ecoteleconnections of high latitudes, dynamical vegetation modelling and dynamical, stochastic and complex systems. Lucia is also an amateur scientific illustrator, look out for her illustrations in some of our future blog posts! Twitter: @lucialayr



Robyn (she/her) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Cape Town and leads the Quaternary Terrestrial Ecosystems group while also co-directing the Human Evolution Research Institute. Robyn’s research is focused on terrestrial carbonates associated with early human occupation sites in southern Africa. Her research also incorporates uranium series chronology, trace element geochemistry, carbonate petrology, diagenesis, speleothems, palaeolimnology, southern hemisphere palaeoclimates, landscape evolution. Robyn additionally works on decolonisation, decentering whiteness and active redress for Afrian scholars.
Twitter: @PickeringRobyn


Paleobiogeosciences: Eric Capo
Eric (he/him) is a postdoctoral researcher in aquatic paleomolecular ecology at ICM-CSIC, Barcelona and a guest researcher at SLU, Uppsala. His interests are in long term dynamics of aquatic microbial communities, the effects of deoxygenation of coastal systems on microbial processes and the microbial transformation of Hg in aquatic environments. Twitter: @ericcapo12



Marine Biogeosciences: Sinikka Lennartz, Marie Arnaud


Sinikka (she/her) is an assistant professor in biogeochemical ocean modelling at the ICBM, University of Oldenburg. Her research interests are in marine dissolved organic matter, microbial consumers of organic matter, interactions between microbial communities and marine emissions of climate relevant trace gasses.




Marie (she/her) is a postdoctoral researcher at INRAE and an associated research at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests are in coastal wetland and forest biogeochemistry, soil organic matter dynamics under global change, root traits and dynamics and CO2 fluxes. Twitter:@M_ecohydro.



Earth Modelling & Remote Sensing:  Silvia Caldararu


Silvia (she/her) is an assistant professor in climate science at Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are in vegetation modelling using the QUINCY model, plant optimality and plasticity and ecosystem nutrient limitation. Twitter: @SCaldararu


Freshwater Biogeosciences: Magdalena Bieroza

Magdalena (she/her) is a senior lecturer in water quality at SLU, Sweden. Her research interests are in aquatic biogeochemical cycles, high frequency solute and sediment behaviour in temperate streams and human impacted catchments. As a scientific officer she hopes to share information around the freshwater biogeosciences, support networking and be a point of contact for all things freshwater biogeosciences.



Biogeosciences Policy & Society: Bikem Ekberzade


Bikem is a PhD student at the Istanbul technical university and additionally a radio producer, with a previous career in photojournalism and conflict reporting. Bikem also sits on the EGU biodiversity task force. Bikem’s research interests are in responses of ecosystems to disturbances, migration, biodiversity and resilience, changes in climate related disturbances and paleo distributions of woody taxa. Twitter: @Bikem71
Geomicrobes & Function: Vincent Jassey

Vincent is a researcher at the University of Toulouse, France. Vincent’s interests are in peatlands at different scales from molecules to landscape to understand relationships between biodiversity, function and climate change. Twitter: @vejjassey.

If you are interested in being involved with the BG division or one of our sub-divisions, the details for all of our representatives are available at: EGU – Division on Biogeosciences (BG) – Structure



Ben Fisher
Ben is the Editor of the BG Blog and is the co-rep for Early Career Scientists (ECS) in the BG division. Ben is a marine biogeochemist and PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, his research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. Currently he is working to understand the relationship between marine phytoplankton and carbon and nitrogen uptake in the Southern Ocean.

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