EGU22 in the Spotlight: Extraterrestrial and Extreme Environment Biogeosciences

EGU22 in the Spotlight: Extraterrestrial and Extreme Environment Biogeosciences

At the Biogeosciences division we are highlighting BG led sessions in the run up to the 2022 General Assembly. New for 2022 we are pleased to introduce BG7.1 “Sources and sinks of methane in the aquatic realm” convened by Helge Niemann, Alina Stadnitskaia and Tina Treude. This session will be held online and in Room 2.95 on Wednesday 25th May (15:55–18:28 (CEST)).

This session features 20 presentations, 75% of which are led by early career scientists, covering:

  • Methane in marine/lacustrine sediments
  • Isotope signatures of aquatic methane
  • Methane detection
  • New ways of methane formation
  • Sea/lake-atmosphere methane fluxes
  • Methane cycling in ‘exotic’ environments

Highlighted presentations in the session include solicited talks from: Hanni Vigderovich et al., discussing “Aerobic methanotrophic activity stimulates iron reduction in lake sediments” and Frank Keppler et al., presenting “Methane formation across living organisms driven by ROS: new perspectives for understanding of biochemical methane formation and cycling on Earth”.

Credit: Tina Rolf via Unsplash (

One of the most exciting aspects of BG7.1 is the diversity of regions represented in this session. Our ECS led talks range from the Greenland Ice Sheet with a presentation from Hatton et al., to the western Tropical North Atlantic with Jan von Arx et al., and many more! To view the full range of presentations in this session please click here.

Ben Fisher
Ben is the Editor of the BG Blog and is the co-rep for Early Career Scientists (ECS) in the BG division. Ben is a marine biogeochemist and PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, his research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in the polar oceans. Currently he is working to understand the relationship between marine phytoplankton and carbon and nitrogen uptake in the Southern Ocean.

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