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From Our Archives: Guest Blogs (1)

Over the past couple of years we have had some excellent guest blogs, from students and highly experienced professionals. We’ve put a number of these below – grouped into three categories (hazards and disaster risk reduction; water and sanitation; general development). In a couple of weeks we’ll be linking to another group of excellent guest blogs also!

Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction

Ana Heureux – The Work of MapAction in Disaster Situations

David Litchfield – A brilliant series of blogs on his work in Ecuador, at a volcanic observatory

Omeye Chimaobi Kenechukwu – Flooding in Nigeria

Dr Susanne Sargeant – Earthquake Risk Reduction in Bangladesh

Tim Middleton – Earthquakes in the Steppes of Central Asia

Water and Sanitaion

Dr Alison Parker – Community Water and Sanitation at Cranfield University

Donald John MacAllister – Managed Aquifer Recharge in Coastal Bangladesh

Olivia Osicki – A Hydrogeologist’s role in Redevelopment

General Development

Tim Middleton – What IF we aren’t helping? A critical look at the recent IF campaign

Helen Ashcroft – An economist’s view on natural resources

Nikita Kaushal – Women and Aid

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Joel is the Founder/Director of Geology for Global Development (@Geo_Dev) an organisation working to support geologists to make a sustainable contribution to the fight against global poverty. He is an interdisciplinary researcher, with a PhD in geography (natural hazards), and research interests in multi-hazard frameworks, disaster risk reduction, rural water projects, and sustainable development. This work has taken him to Chile, China, Guatemala, India, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Joel is currently based at the British Geological Survey, and tweets at @JoelCGill.