Short Courses

Short courses at EGU 2014

This year there is a suite of super short courses to choose from at the General Assembly. You can supercharge your scientific skills, broaden your base in science communication and pick up tips on how to boost your career – be it in academia or outside. Here’s what’s in store at EGU 2014: Supercharge your science – new techniques and dealing with data Scale, scaling and multifractals i ...[Read More]

Demystifying Open Access at EGU 2013

Last year, we held a great debate on open access, featuring both traditional and open access publishers. This year we’re making the discussion wide open while exploring how it can help early career researchers in a market place of discussion. Young scientists rely on their supervisor’s advice regarding where to publish and are often instructed to aim for a traditional high impact journal, but this ...[Read More]

Events for Young Scientists at EGU 2013

Short Courses Demystifying Open Access – an open discussion for early career researchers tackling how OA can benefit young scientists without compromising their careers. From what it costs to publish an open access paper to how we can measure its impact, all interested scientists are invited to drop in and join us over drinks in a marketplace of discussion. How to apply for a job. It’s a topic rar ...[Read More]

Short courses at the 2013 General Assembly

There are 14 short courses at the EGU General Assembly 2013.  Short courses are great opportunities to learn about a subject or further your knowledge in a particular area. The short courses at this year’s General Assembly are listed below. SC1 Short Course: Tipping Points in the Geosciences (also listed as NP1.5) SC2 Short Course: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis (also listed as NP1.6) SC3 Sh ...[Read More]