GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

Each month we feature specific Divisions of EGU and during the monthly GeoRoundup we put the journals that publish science from those Divisions at the top of the Highlights roundup. As April was the month we held the General Assembly we are not highlighting any specific Division, so this month our GeoRoundup Journals will be alphabetical!



Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

Quantitative imaging of carbon dioxide plumes using a ground-based shortwave infrared spectral camera – 19 April 2024



Rates of palaeoecological change can inform ecosystem restoration – 12 April 2024

Interpretability of negative latent heat fluxes from eddy covariance measurements in dry conditions – 26 April 2024


Earth System Dynamics:

Solar radiation modification challenges decarbonization with renewable solar energy – 3 April 2024

Carbon budget concept and its deviation through the pulse response lens – 22 April 2024



Minimizing the effects of Pb loss in detrital and igneous U–Pb zircon geochronology by CA-LA-ICP-MS – 8 April 2024


Geoscientific Model Development:

HydroFATE (v1): a high-resolution contaminant fate model for the global river system – 16 April 2024



The six rights of how and when to test for soil C saturation – 29 April 2024


The Cryosphere:

Extreme melting at Greenland’s largest floating ice tongue – 5 April 2024

Subglacial valleys preserved in the highlands of south and east Greenland record restricted ice extent during past warmer climates – 10 April 2024

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