GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during February!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during February!

Geoscientific Model Development:

Assessment of the ParFlow–CLM CONUS 1.0 integrated hydrologic model: evaluation of hyper-resolution water balance components across the contiguous United States – 22 February 2022

Modeling the hydrologic cycle at high resolution and at large spatial scales is an incredible opportunity and challenge for hydrologists. In this paper, we present the results of a high-resolution hydrologic simulation configured over the contiguous United States. We discuss simulated water fluxes through groundwater, soil, plants, and over land, and we compare model results to in situ observations and satellite products in order to build confidence and guide future model development.



Solid Earth:

Orogenic lithosphere and slabs in the greater Alpine area – interpretations based on teleseismic P-wave tomography – 21 February 2022

New images from the multi-national AlpArray experiment illuminate the Alps from below. They indicate thick European mantle descending beneath the Alps and forming blobs that are mostly detached from the Alps above. In contrast, the Adriatic mantle in the Alps is much thinner. This difference helps explain the rugged mountains and the abundance of subducted and exhumed units at the core of the Alps. The blobs are stretched remnants of old ocean and its margins that reach down to at least 410 km.



Other highlights


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:

A sulfur dioxide Covariance-Based Retrieval Algorithm (COBRA): application to TROPOMI reveals new emission sources -17 February 2022


Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

Tracking aerosols and SO2 clouds from the Raikoke eruption: 3D view from satellite observations – 23 February 2022


Earth Surface Dynamics:

Extreme metrics from large ensembles: investigating the effects of ensemble size on their estimates – 23 February 2022


Ocean Science:

Rectified tidal transport in Lofoten–Vesterålen, northern Norway – 22 February 2022


The Cryosphere:

Accumulation of legacy fallout radionuclides in cryoconite on Isfallsglaciären (Arctic Sweden) and their downstream spatial distribution – 17 February 2022

Two decades of dynamic change and progressive destabilization on the Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf – 17 February 2022

Seasonal evolution of Antarctic supraglacial lakes in 2015–2021 and links to environmental controls – 18 February 2022

Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal snow water equivalent in High Mountain Asia from an 18-year Landsat–MODIS era snow reanalysis dataset – 21 February 2022


Weather and Climate Dynamics:

Future summer warming pattern under climate change is affected by lapse-rate changes – 18 February 2022

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