GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during January!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during January!

Geoscientific Model Development:

The interpretation of temperature and salinity variables in numerical ocean model output and the calculation of heat fluxes and heat content – 14 January 2022

We show that the way that the air–sea heat flux is treated in ocean models means that the model’s temperature variable should be interpreted as being Conservative Temperature, irrespective of whether the equation of state used in an ocean model is EOS-80 or TEOS-10.





Other highlights


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:

Self-consistent global transport of metallic ions with WACCM-X 3 January 2022

An Arctic ozone hole in 2020 if not for the Montreal Protocol – 10 January 2022


Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

A differential emissivity imaging technique for measuring hydrometeor mass and type – 21 January 2022



Assessing the representation of the Australian carbon cycle in global vegetation models – 7 January 2022

Photosynthetic activity in Devonian Foraminifera – 17 January 2022


Hydrology and Earth System Sciences:

Feedback mechanisms between precipitation and dissolution reactions across randomly heterogeneous conductivity fields – 26 January 2022


Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences:

Assessment of direct economic losses of flood disasters based on spatial valuation of land use and quantification of vulnerabilities: a case study on the 2014 flood in Lishui city of China 5 January 2022

Brief communication: Effective earthquake early warning systems: appropriate messaging and public awareness roles – 19 January 2022


Ocean Science:

Dynamics of fortnightly water level variations along a tide-dominated estuary with negligible river discharge – 24 January 2022


Weather and Climate Dynamics:

A dynamical adjustment perspective on extreme event attribution – 12 January 2022

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