How to vEGU: uploading display materials, comments and the live presentation slide!

How to vEGU: uploading display materials, comments and the live presentation slide!

It is now just over two weeks until vEGU21 begins on 19 April and today uploading of your display materials and live presentation slides can begin!


But what do you need to know about uploading and commenting?!

Firstly you should know that detailed information about uploading all materials for your vPICO and other types of presentation can be found on the website – specifically in the Presenter guidelines section. If you are having difficulty then you should also email You can also watch this basic walkthrough video to uploading and commenting, which will help you understand what to expect when uploading and commenting.

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But, to put matters simply, if you have a vPICO scheduled for vEGU21, there are two things you need to upload:

  1. Your display materials
  2. Your live presentation summary slide


But what does this mean? Let’s start with the display materials.

Your display materials are the long-form, detailed materials you upload to accompany your abstract. They are visible immediately after uploading and can be commented on from the date you upload them until 31 May 2021. You can also revise them as many times as you choose. Because they are connected to your abstract they are also protected by the DOI your abstract was assigned upon upload – they are essentially pre-print information.

The display materials are intended to be complex and give you room to upload everything from a full length recorded video of your talk; a link to a website with information and additional videos; a full powerpoint presentation, down to just a simple single image or graph (and everything in between). There are limitations to the size of files depending on what you want to upload, but for a simplified breakdown of the process, see the schematic below of ‘Uploading your display materials for #vEGU21’.


But what about the live presentation?

Essentially you need to think about the vPICO in two parts. The display materials are the detail, your live presentation is the summary. If you have participated in PICO’s at a General Assembly before this format will be very familiar to you – a PICO combines the best of a poster and oral presentation into one format. You use the live presentation to get people interested in your research finding (like an elevator pitch) then when you are moved into your own, individual Author’s text chat room at the end of the 2 minute summaries, you can go into all the detail you uploaded in your display materials. During the 2 minute summary live presentations you need a single image to act as your slide. This must summarise your abstract and be appealing to your audience.


What should the vPICO slide look like?

That is really up to you – but remember you want it to be easily comprehensible to people in 2 minutes or less whilst you are talking to them, so something like the slide below may feel appealing, but it’s a terrible summary slide! There is way too much information.

This image has useful information but is a terrible summary slide – upload something like this to your display materials instead.

Try something like a single image or graph that summarises your most interesting finding, like this:

This is a much better summary slide, but still has a lot of text on it. Why not think about just including a single key graph or image that helps you communicate your point?


Live Presentation slide uploading.

When it comes to uploads you can upload your live presentation slide at any time, as long as it is at least 24 hours before your scheduled session time. The presentation slide will not be visible with your display materials and will not be saved or archived after your presentation. If you cannot for whatever reason attend your live presentation you can instead upload a 2 minute summary talk (this is a fixed restriction, long summary talks will be ended at the 2-minute mark) that will be played for you during your scheduled session time. You can either upload a slide (if you intent to present live) OR a video (if you do not intend to present live), but not both. For a simplified breakdown of the live presentation upload process, see the schematic below of ‘Uploading your live presentation file for #vEGU21’.


If you have any additional questions more info will be coming soon, or you can contact us using our social media channels or by emailing We are so excited to gather with you all online between the 19 and 30 April to share some amazing science!

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