GeoCinema Online: Hazards

In this week’s GeoCinema Online, we’re taking you to regions of the world that have experienced large eruptions in both the recent and distant past. These films take you through what it’s like to live in an active volcanic area or fault zone, from dealing with disasters, to how scientists are working towards better methods of earthquake and eruption forecasting:

Mayon: The Volcano Princess

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Interviewing local residents, officials, and scientists, this film is about the people who live around the Mayon volcano in the Philippines: from what it’s like to live next to the unceasing threat of lahars, pyroclastic flows and eruptions. It also presents some of the strategies for dealing with volcanic disasters and the problems with evacuating the area.

 People Coral Mentawai

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The Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra lie above the giant fault line that generated the Boxing Day earthquake in 2004. This documentary follows a team from the Earth Observatory of Singapore as they meet the people affected by the fault line’s disasters and study coral reefs that have been uplifted by earthquakes. This work helps them build an earthquake timeline that can aid earthquake predictions for the future.

Volcano Hazards

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Just because a volcano isn’t close to a population centre doesn’t mean it won’t have widespread impacts. From the consequences of eruptions to dealing with their effects, this film takes a look at the hazards caused by explosive volcanic events.

Had your fill of hazards? Why not take a trip to the stars in the stunning space and planetary science series. Seen it already? Stay tuned for the next GeoCinema Online!


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