PICO Presentations Explained

So you’re presenting with PICO? What does that mean exactly?

Presenting Interactive COntent, or PICO, sessions highlight the essence of a particular research area – just enough to get excited about a topic without being overloaded with information. If a particular session piques your interest, you can look over the presentation in more detail at your leisure – straight after the session or at any point during the week.

A short explanation of how PICO sessions work and what to expect when you’re there – at two and a half minutes, it’s not much longer than a PICO session!

PICO sessions combine the best of oral and poster presentations. Every PICO author presents their slides in a “2 minutes madness” and afterwards, all attendees have enough time to watch the presentation again on interactive screens and hold discussions with both the author and other attendees.

This format lets the audience sample the science, lets the author stand up and be recognised for great research and allows plenty of time for networking afterwards. Pretty cool eh?

Click here for more information on PICO sessions, and the session schedule.

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