Tectonics and Structural Geology

The ECS TS team and their activities between GAs (2022-2023)

The ECS TS team and their activities between GAs (2022-2023)

The EGU Tectonics and Structural geology Early Career Scientist representative team continues to grow, and as it grows, the activities it conducts during and between GAs also grows. In the lead up to EGU 23 here we show some of those activities. We are also looking for the next member of the ECS representative team! If you are interested in applying, see the details below the team updates.

The general structure of the ECS TS division is divided into teams, each of these teams has a leader and they in turn report to the ECS representatives. Each of these teams have been active throughout the time between GAs working on their respective projects. Everyone who works for the ECS teams do so on a voluntary basis so should be not only acknowledged for their hard work but their willingness to contribute to the ECS TS community out of their own time. Each ECS team is made up of an internationally diverse group of researchers who are mostly from TS but also many intersect with other division disciplines. We are always happy to welcome new members to the team(s). Whether you have an idea for a blog, media or activity, or even if you aren’t sure what you would like to contribute, feel free to reach out to either the ECS rep or one of the team leaders.

Team updates

TS Blog Team – Led by Hannah Davies, and Samuele PapeschiHannah has been the blog editor since 2020 and has recently “promoted” long time writer for the blog Samuele Papeschi as co-editor-in-chief who will help Hannah with editing and typesetting of posts to streamline the process. Alongside Hannah and Samuele, the TS Blog Team publishes articles that are written by a small group of authors and invited authors in the frame of several blog series. Some blog series have been running for years now. In the past 12 months since the last GA, each of these series’ has been featured. Features from the field, TS Must-Read (by the Must-Read Papers team, see below), and Geomythology headed by Filippo Carboni.

TS Media Team – Led by Silvia Brizzi. The team has steadily continued to bring information relevant to the TS community on different social media outlets. Coordination is in the hands of Silvia Brizzi, always approachable and in control of the team. She coordinates the team to share content and activities online across Twitter (~2500 followers) and Facebook (~4000 followers), where she communicates, together with Arnab Roy, everything related to our division. Two specific activities that are also maintained by the Media Team are the “Monday paper”, where freshly-published papers by TS ECS researchers are promoted, and the “Friday Jobs” post, where… well, jobs for TS ECS are announced! The first activity has been sustained without a hiccup by Sonny Aribowo over the last year, whereas the second activity has been maintained with enthusiasm by Xiong Ou.

TS Activities Team – Led by David Fernández-Blanco. The TS Activity Team coordinates all other activities of the ECS TS team. The Tectonics and Structural Geology field-class that the division commonly used to have prior to the General Assembly does not take place, once again, but we are looking into that possibility for next year. Fortunately, the “TS Must-Read” activity, which is dedicated to the telematic discussion of must-read papers relevant to the tectonics and structural geology community is on full speed on Reddit, and we believe that this has been a valuable activity to the community. The community-wide forum for discussion of these papers receives the visits of readers interested in commenting about the contribution, and in several cases visits by the authors of those papers too! David Fernández-Blanco coordinates, alongside Gianluca Frasca and Silvia Crossetto, a 12-person team responsible for this activity as we promote, discuss and write blog posts about a different contribution, out of the 48 articles selected by the community, every two weeks. The team is composed by (in alphabetical order): Adriana Guatame-García, Akinbobola Akintomide, Armin Dielforder, Benoît Petri, David Fernández-Blanco, Gianluca Frasca, Gino de Gelder, Marta Marchegiano, Pan Luo, Patricia Cadenas, Silvia Crosetto, and Utsav Mannu.


Join the ECS Representative team of the EGU TS Division

We’re now looking for applicants to join the Early-Career Scientists (ECS) Representative team!

Each EGU division has a representative for its Early-Career Scientists (ECS), acting as a critical link between them and the Union. ECS Representatives work to ensure the needs of ECS members are satisfied, at the General Assembly (GA) in Vienna, and throughout the year. They also take on other responsibilities, depending on experience and interests, ranging from outreach to networking, blogging, or anything else that engages division members.

Currently, the EGU TS Division operates under a three-person representative structure consisting of a ‘main’ representative, an ‘incoming’ representative, and a ‘shadowing’ representative. If you are an ECS of the TS division (see definition) you can always get in contact with the ECS representative team if you have any problems, complaints, suggestions, or simply want to reach out. For instance between the general assemblies of EGU21 and EGU22, you can approach Silvia Crosetto (main), Gino de Gelder (incoming), or Sascha Zertani (shadowing).


EGU TS ECS Representative team selection process

Any ECS member of the TS division can become an ECS Representative. When freshly elected, the new ECS representative will serve as a ‘shadowing’ representative for a year: although they cannot attend Union- or Division-wide meetings, they will be involved in team organization, in close contact with the other two representatives, and assist them as needed while being updated about the main points of the meetings. In doing so, the ‘shadowing’ representative can get to know the team and its processes, and acquire insight into the role. After a year, they are promoted to the position of ‘incoming’ representative and are exposed to meetings with the division president, other EGU division representatives, and the union-wide activities they promote, while getting prepared to assume the lead as ‘main’ representative in the third year. This is the point at which they become the official face and voice of the ECS members of the TS division.


Election Procedure

The ECS representative of the TS Division is chosen annually and begins their duties at the General Assembly (GA), which is typically held in April. The application period remains open for three weeks (until the week preceding the GA). The selection committee (ECS representative team, presidential team, and the chiefs of media, blogs, and activities teams) evaluates submitted applications and chooses the candidate, who will be announced during the EGU GA of that year. Applicants must be EGU ECS members at the time of submission (see definition) and remain so for two or more years to ensure they are still ECS when they are appointed as ‘main’ representative. Applicants should have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, and will direct their passion and energy to represent and help EGU TS ECS and support and promote the TS division’s ongoing and upcoming activities. If interested, please check the handover document for ECS division representatives as well as the EGU TS ECS team activity table to better understand the range of responsibilities and activities of the EGU ECS TS team and representatives.

Interested applicants should submit to ecs-ts@egu.eu a 1-pg CV including relevant entries to the post, time of latest academic degree, periods of exception (caring and/or parental responsibilities, disability, etc), management and organizational abilities, leadership in other activities, prior/current EGU engagement, and a letter (max. 500 words) roughly outlining motivation and potential actions to implement during the post. The TS division promotes and supports equality, diversity, and inclusion; applicants from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


We are the EGU TS ECS team! Consisting of Silvia Crosetto, Gino de Gelder, Sascha Zertani, Silvia Brizzi, David Fernández-Blanco, and Hannah Davies

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