Soil System Sciences


Soil wind erosion is influenced by soil inherent properties

Carlos M. Asensio Grima Department of Agronomy University of Almería, Spain Soil wind erosion is influenced by soil inherent properties, different wind characteristics and surface vegetation cover. For a better understanding of this process is necessary to explain the effect and consequences of wind erosion on the ground and especially in agricultural areas of southern, eastern and ...[Read More]

Images of soil erosion

Frans Kwaad, physical geographer Soil erosion is the removal of soil from cultivated land at a rate that is (much) higher than the rate that would occur under the natural vegetation at the considered site. Besides the loss of fertile topsoil, soil erosion entails the dissection of cultivated land by rills and gullies and the deposition of eroded soil material on roads, in residential areas, rivers ...[Read More]

A dark future sprouting from sealed soil

Every year in Europe, soils covering an area larger than the city of Berlin are lost to urban sprawl and transport infrastructure. This unsustainable trend threatens the availability of fertile soils and groundwater reservoirs for future generations. A new report made public today by the European Commission recommends a three-tiered approach focused on limiting the progression of soil sealing, mit ...[Read More]

Soils at Imaggeo: Soil erosion-desertfication, Iceland

Picture by Ragnar Sigurdsson / Artic Soil banks show the former appearance of areas with dwindling vegetation and soil cover. Higher resolution images available from (there is a licensing fee depending on the use). Imaggeo is the online open access geosciences image repository of the European Geosciences Union.