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2017 SSS Best Flyer Award rules for cool conveners

2017 SSS Best Flyer Award rules for cool conveners

You have proposed a session for EGU2017. Now you have to announce it, spread it, spread it …
The best thing you can do is design a flyer. A flyer helps to send the information and that the interested people receive and understand it quickly. For several years, the SSS has organized the flyers contest, which is a way to increase the visibility of your session and have fun. This was the winner last year:

Best SSS Flyer 2016: Badlands: what's next?

Best SSS Flyer 2016: Badlands: what’s next?


This year the competition is called again. Do you want to participate? To begin, just click on the following image:



See the presentation for the 2017 SSS Best Flyer Award. Click the image to see the slideshow.


If clicking the image does not work, click

Google Drive does not work in some countries. If this is your case, donwload the presentation as a PDF (4 MB).

Antonio Jordán is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Seville and coordinator of the MED Soil Research Group. Antonio’s research focusses on rainfall-induced soil erosion processes, the effects of wildfires on soil properties and soil degradation in Mediterranean areas. He is an active members of the Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), which coordinates the scientific programme on soil sciences.