Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology

Lynn Soreghan

Lynn Soreghan obtained her BS in geology (UCLA), and PhD in geosciences (U Arizona) and has served on the faculty in geosciences at the University of Oklahoma since 1996. She studies sediments and sedimentary rocks as a means to shed light on Earth’s climate, especially in deep time. She focuses on topics related to atmospheric dust and loess, rock weathering, and glaciation.

The Deep Dust project continues!

In 2019, the EGU SSP blog reported from a workshop exploring Paleozoic dust. By now, the Deep Dust initiative is supported by the International Continental Scientific Drilling program, which is an important step. It is planned to drill in the US in a first project phase. The Deep Dust Drilling Project (DEEP DUST) is focused on understanding paleoclimatic conditions, biospheric responses and climat ...[Read More]

Tracing Atmospheric dustiness in the Permo-Carboniferous of northeastern Gondwana

Cyclic Permian carbonates above Carboniferous contain dust deposits, Central Alborz Mountains (Iran)

This blog summarizes two recent articles about dust in the Paleozoic. Planet Earth is presently undergoing a profound climatic turnover. Improved understanding of both the mechanisms contributing to the present climate change and its consequences for the biosphere, including human society, will not only provide the knowledge required to cope with its effects, but may also shed light on the forces ...[Read More]