The unexpected seismic hazard

Public places such as airports are often designed to withstand strong earthquakes particularly in modern cities that are prone to earthquakes. When the ground shakes people have to be careful from objects falling off walls … or eagles falling from the roof! Two large eagles each having a wingspan of 15 meters and weighing 2 tonnes were suspended from the roof of Wellington Airport to promote ...[Read More]

The EGU photo contest

Are you out and about taking photos during fieldwork? Or, simply good at taking interesting photos? The EGU runs a photo contest for all the participant pre-registered for the EGU General Assembly. Submissions are open up until 1 March. All finalists will receive a book of their choice from the EGU library, and the winners get to win a free registration to next year’s General Assembly. Check out a ...[Read More]

Earthquake lights

A very interesting article about earthquake lights has been published in this month Seismological Research Letters. Earthquake lights are an aerial phenomenon when unusual light is seen just above the ground or high up in the sky before and/or during an earthquak. Mysterious lights in the sky have been a sensation ever since but their appearance has long had baseless explanations suggesting either ...[Read More]

Webcam interview: Philipp Kempf

This week we interview Philipp Kempf, a 28 years old PhD student at the Renard Centre of Marine Geology at Ghent University in Belgium. His research focuses on paleo-tsunami deposits within coastal lakes with a special focus at the Chilean coast. Philipp Kempf is the winner of the 2013 Outstanding Student Poster Award for the poster entitled: 1960 Valdivia earthquake tsunami deposits from two coas ...[Read More]