Follow up on: “The sound of COVID-Silence”

Follow up on: “The sound of COVID-Silence”

Dear colleagues,

In the last months, there has been a storm both in traditional and social media about the observation that the Covid-19 lockdown measures cause an unprecedented seismic urban “silence”, which is observed globally on many urban seismic stations. It is the first time that such a protracted noise reduction has been observed on a global scale at the same time. To gather all seismological analyses that arise from this unique period, we are pleased to announce that the special issue entitled: “Social seismology – the effect of COVID-19 lockdown measures on seismology” is now live as part of EGU’s Open Access Solid Earth journal:

Any papers broadly in line with the following thematics/topics are welcomed:

  • Key elements of anthropogenic ambient noise data processing
  • Anthropogenic noise source characterization and detection
  • Influence of sensor types, self noise, installation type, testing, etc. on anthropogenic ambient seismic noise
  • Improvement of network performance and seismicity studies
  • Improved magnitude completeness
  • “New” event detections during lockdown periods
  • Improved volcano monitoring
  • Noise reduction comparison with other observables
  • Mobility data
  • Other environmental physical data, such as audible noise and traffic data
  • New ideas of comparison
  • Advantages of lockdown “silence” on felt earthquake report data

To submit their contributions, authors can use the online registration form on the Solid Earth website:

Please note, during the registration process, it is crucial that the correct special issue is selected. The deadline for submission is 30 November 2020. Successfully submitted articles will immediately be posted online in Solid Earth Discussions to promote interactive public discussion (and thus receive a doi). After acceptance, papers will be published immediately online in the Special Issue volume.

Do not hesitate to contact the guest editors prior to submission to discuss the eligibility of your ideas.

Best wishes,
The special issue editors: Thomas Lecocq, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Raphael De Plaen, Paula Koelemeijer, Koen Van Noten, and Stephen Hicks.

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