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Welcome to the new Ocean Sciences Division blog!

Welcome to the new Ocean Sciences Division blog!

Hello and welcome to the blog of the EGU Ocean Sciences Division!

We are very excited to launch this new blog and finally join the EGU Blogsphere.
Here we provide content of interest to the division and especially to the Early Career Scientists. This blog aims to spread our fascination for the ocean and share different aspects of ocean research.

We will feature different types of blog articles, including general News and OS Research where scientists write about their own research or about a recent publication. Behind the Research articles will cover fieldwork stories and with OceanTalk we will be interviewing interesting ocean scientists.

The OS blog will be updated regularly and is managed by the OS Early Career Scientist Representative, as well as a blog team, which is currently being established. We encourage students, early career and senior scientists in the wider ocean sciences community to write blog posts and share their stories. If you would like to write a blog entry or get involved with the blog please get in touch with the editorial team (ecs-os@egu.eu)!

Meriel on the RV Marion Dufresne in the Southern Ocean (Credit: Meriel Bittner)

Once again, welcome to the OS blog and we hope you will enjoy our first OceanTalk with Frédéric Le Moinge, this year’s OS Outstanding ECS awardee.

Stay tuned for the next upcoming blog posts!

Meriel Bittner & Gwyn Evans