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Call for nominations for the EGU medals & awards 2022

Call for nominations for the EGU medals & awards 2022

Deadline for EGU awards & medals nomination is quickly approaching 15 June 2021

The Ocean Sciences Division awards the Fridtjof Nansen Medal and the Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award. Both recognize researchers that made a remarkable contribution to the field of oceanography.

Think about colleagues who contributed to the field of Ocean Sciences and deserve to be acknowledge for their work. Receiving such special recognition for their work will mean a lot to them, so do put in the small effort and submit nominations. It does not take much time, all you need to do is compile the following documents for the nomination.

Fridtjof Nansen Medal:
  • nomination letter (1 page)
  • CV of the candidate (2 pages)
  • List of selected publications (2 pages)
  • 3-5 letters of support (max. 1 page each)
OS Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award:
  • Nomination letter (half page)
  • CV of the candidate (1 pages)
  • List of selected papers (half page)
  • The whole nomination package is maximum two pages

Please remember to consider diversity in a broad perspective for the nominations. To check the Union’s definition of Early Career Scientist (ECS) see this page. All EGU members can put in nominations for the EGU awards and medals. Further information on the nomination process can be found here, it is much easier than you would think. First you compile the relevant documents for the candidate you are nominating and then you upload the nomination package as part of the nomination form. You can also nominate someone with multiple nominators and share the work of getting together the documents for the candidate nomination.

After the nomination for the EGU awards and medals has closed, the respective committees will evaluate the nominations and make a recommendation to the EGU council. Awardees and medalists act as role models to inspire the next generation of geoscientists. A list of previous awardees can be found here and we also interviewed Richard J. Greatbatch (Fridtjof Nansen Medal 2020) and Frédéric Le Moigne (OS Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award 2020) on the Ocean Sciences blog.

We look forward to numerous nominations!


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Meriel J. Bittner is a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is combining chemical and molecular microbial tools to explore marine microorganisms and their impact on biogeochemical cycles. Currently, she is studying the effects of B vitamins as micronutrients on the marine ecosystem. Previously she obtained a MSc degree in Ecology and Ecosystems at the University of Vienna studying the deep sea. Her research interests include marine biogeochemistry and microbiology. She tweets as @merielj3