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EGU daily digest: Thursday!

EGU daily digest: Thursday!

It’s Thursday, hopefully your typing fingers and wifi connections are still holding up! Take a little time off and explore Vienna, I recommend visiting the cathedral here…

The conference continues, here are some little highlights for your Thursday:

The most important thing is the GMPV division meeting at 12:45. Lunch will be served* (*as long as you serve yourself lunch). Get an update on everything that is going on from the president of GMPV, Marion Holness. Unlike other updates from other presidents, nobody is going to suggest anyone injects disinfectant, but you will get lots of useful information!

Applications of new techniques to old problems: atom-scale imaging of pyrite crystals containing gold help to understand whether this gold is present in tiny globules within the pyrite, or is bound to the crystal lattice. Check out the data of Phillip Gopon HERE👈

The future is here – mapping chemical compositions of rocks in 3D. Will this become the ‘new normal’? Get ahead of the curve and see what Jonathan Sittner is doing, at this LINK

Why are silicic volcanoes sometimes eruptive, and sometimes effusive? Could the key be in nano-scale crystals – ‘nanolites’? New experiments could be revealing – see the results from Francisco Cáceres HERE

Icequakes vs earthquakes – can we tell the difference by their seismic signature? This is important when volcanoes are covered with ice and we try to understand their behaviour. Oliver Lamb will dive deep into the topic at this LINK

Mike Jollands
Mike Jollands is an experimental petrologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, New York, USA. He studies the diffusion and substitution mechanisms of trace elements, making use of high temperature and pressure equipment to simulate volcanic and mantle conditions.

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