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Monday EGU GMPV daily digest

Monday EGU GMPV daily digest

Hopefully you have all settled in to your hotels (i.e. your bedrooms) and enjoyed the icebreaker last night (i.e. sitting in your living room).

Here are some highlights for today, tune in and ‘chat’!

Were organic compounds on crystal surfaces involved in the emergence of life? If so, could these compounds withstand high temperatures? Check out Joanna Brau‘s new findings HERE👍

Can we measure the amount of water in orthopyroxene, and use that to somehow get the water content of the mantle? Or is hydrogen diffusion too fast? Check out 👉this presentation👈 by Alexandra Demers-Roberge

Can hydrogen from a melt transmit right into the core of a xenolith? Are xenolith cores somehow insulated from their edges? Konstantinos Thomaidis will tell you! LINK👈

Are Alpine eclogites formed by subduction, or nappe stacking and crustal thickening? I have no idea, but Jean-baptiste Jacob probably does. Find out 👉HERE

The early Earth’s atmosphere was like Venus?? Whaaat? Paolo Sossi will try to convince you HERE👈

What can oxygen isotopes and mineral structures tell us about volcanic plumbing? Rebecca Wiltshire has something to say about this! LINK 👌

Mike Jollands
Mike Jollands is an experimental petrologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, New York, USA. He studies the diffusion and substitution mechanisms of trace elements, making use of high temperature and pressure equipment to simulate volcanic and mantle conditions.

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