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GMPV Early Career Scientists at #EGU24

GMPV Early Career Scientists at #EGU24

Just a few days and EGU24 will start (Are you ready?)!! We are sure you will discover new amazing researches about Geosciences, but, remember, EGU is also social events and networking!

The ECS team of GMPV (and other Divisions) will be at the GA, and you can find us with short course and events around the ACV. Here is a list of where and when you can find us!

Sunday 14 April
Get ready for the Opening Reception! The event will be held at the ACV conference center starting at 18.30. Take the opportunity to register in advance for the conference, and to start your networking by meeting your colleagues!

You can find us at the table of our Division and at the ECS table!
And if you are a mentors or mentees, you can find a designated spot for you (look for the beach flag)!

Monday 15 April

Do you want to hear more about ECS activities? Do want to share your insights? You can join our ECS Representative, David Fernández-Blanco, the incoming Union Rep Daniel Evans, and Simon Clark for the daily Early Career Scientist Coffee Catch-Up at the EGU Booth at 15:45 (From Monday to Thursday).

If you are a First Time attendee, you can join the event for the First-time Attendee Networking at 18:00, where you can start your networking adventure at EGU24.

Tuesday 16 April

Meet the GMPV Division President Holly Stein, the ECS GMPV Rep Simona Gabrielli and part of the ECS Team on Tuesday morning at 11:30 at the EGU Booth for the “Meet the GMPV Division“! You can have a chat with us, but also discover what we do during the year and, if you wish, join our ECS Team!

Are you a Mentor or a Mentee? Join the Mentor-Mentee Meet up at lunch time (12:45–13:45), where you can be paired with your assigned Mentee or Mentor.

Wednesday 17 April

… stay with us for the GMPV Social Dinner at 19:00!

Get ready for the GMPV dinner event in Plutzer Bräu open to anyone who would like to join (ECS and Seniors). You will have the opportunity to talk with other colleagues, but also with the GMPV ECS team, learning about what we do and how to join us! Important: You have to register for the event here as we have a limited number of participants. 

Thursday 18 April

At 12:45, in Room D2, join us for the Annual Meeting of the GMPV Division, where you will be hearing updates on the division and future plans from the Division President Holly Stein.  Simona Gabrielli, ECS Representative for GMPV, will also present the ECS activities done during the year.

At the same time, we highlight the ECS forum (12.45 – lunchtime) where you can give feedback on ECS experience during the GA, bu also learn more about what the ECS community does throughout the year.

Late in the afternoon, don’t miss the Arne Richter Awards for Outstanding ECS Award Lecture by Yanhao Lin at 19:00 CEST followed by the Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture by Kei Hirose at 19:2

During the week, you can also attend Short Courses organized by our ECS team together with other ECSs:

  • On Monday morning (8:30-10:15), join our Rep Simona Gabrielli and Giulia Consuma in How to establish and grow your scientific network. Panelists will share their experience on how to create connection. This short course is relevant to scientists who are starting to build/grow their network or want to learn more about networking in today’s scientific settings.
  • Geology 101 (Wed, 17 Apr, 12:45–13:45) will give a quick introduction to geology to non-geologists, creating connections with other geoscience topics (e.g. seismology and geodesy). The short course is organized together with G, GD and TS Divisions.
  • If you are at that stage of your career where you have any doubts about future steps, follow the short course held by Veronica Peverelli: Careers inside and outside of academia: Panel Discussion (Thu, 18 Apr, 19:00–20:00) is aimed at early career scientists and at anyone with an interest in moving from academia to industry and vice-versa.
  • On Thursday 18th (10:45–12:30 CEST) the short course Satisfaction, salary and value, organized by Veronica Peverelli with Hazel Gibson and Simon Clark will help to negotiate better employment conditions.

Last but not least, you will find GMPV ECS members at EGU24 in person. If you have any questions, and you want to know more about GMPV ECS, feel free to get in touch:
Anne Sturm (Manager of the GMPV Division Instagram page @egu_gmpv, and X: @volcannex);
Giulia Consuma (GMVP Campfire Team – X: @GConsuma);
Marine Boulanger (GMPV Campfire organizer – X: @marinebou_FR)
Veronica Peverelli (GMPV Short Course – X: @VeronicaPeve);
Simona Gabrielli (GMPV ECS representative – X: @EGU_GMPVM; email:

See you all in Vienna, and enjoy #EGU24!

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Simona Gabrielli is a geophysicist working on attenuation tomography and surficial geology interactions in volcanic settings (e.g. Mount St. Helens)

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