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EGU24 Thursday Highlights

EGU24 Thursday Highlights

Welcome to Thursday, the second last day of EGU – GA 2024! We have a lot of interesting sessions filled with highlighted talks, orals, posters and the prestigious medal awards lectures for the GMPV division. We have many brainstorming talks today and here I’m listing a few that might appeal to you following the EGU time blocks and breaks. Just as last year, the GA is in hybrid mode so experience all these events on the virtual platform and live sessions on the Zoom platform.

Let’s start our day with an early morning session on Fluid driven evolution of the Earth’s crust: influence of pathway networks, fluxes, and timescales. This session looks into the significance of fluids in the Earth’s crust and the distinct physio-chemical conditions that have emerged on varying scales, ranging from nano- to macro-scales. Author Maude Julia, ECS will present her work on the Potential sequestration of toxic elements: the specific example of cadmium and carbonates by exploring the capacity of CaCO3 to trap and store cadmium into a solid phase by a mechanism of coupled dissolution-precipitation. 

After a small coffee break, please join in for the posters of GMPV 5.1 session – Mineral deposits: systems, settings, processes which emphasises the inputs gained from the characterization and extraction of mineral resource deposits using the field, analytical or experimental studies. One of the interesting talks is about the Evidence of boiling in the ore-forming process based on quartz textures and fluid inclusions studies, a case study in Mamouniyeh Cu deposit, Iran by the author Mohammad Goudarzi, ECS.

Head towards our GMPV division’s meeting in room D2 between 12:45 and 13:45 (CEST). Here, you can meet our division’s President Holly Stein, hear about the current and future activities, meet the GMPV team and talk to the early career researchers. This will be a great opportunity for networking with like-minded GMPV geoscientists.

After lunch, join us for the dynamic session on volcanoes and the plumbing systems that store the magma before the eruption on Earth! Co-organised with the tectonics and structural geology, TS 5 programme group, this multi-disciplinary session is targeted to study Volcanic & Igneous Plumbing Systems (VIPS). This session is sponsored by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior i.e. IAVCEI Commission on Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems. Author Amiya Baruah presents her work on the mechanism of interaction of the discrete volatile-filled bubbles produced in the volcanic conduits in an on-site poster titled Hydrodynamic modelling of bubble interactions inside conduits: insights for volcanic eruption behaviour.

In the afternoon session join us for a highlighted on-site poster presentation in Hall X2 by Joao C. Duarte on the ‘Gibraltar subduction zone is invading the AtlanticThe poster focuses on the possible methods of the Gibraltar Arc formation using 3D buoyancy-driven geodynamic models. 

Along with the scientific discussions, several short courses are designed to explore and learn new skills. Sharpen those technical and software skills with a short course titled ‘Introduction to Python for Earth System Science‘ and enhance your communication skills with ‘Elevate your Pitch: Developing Engaging Short Scientific Presentations‘ course. Do attend short courses co-organized by Veronica Peverelli, ECS from our team  –  Satisfaction, salary and value – how and when to negotiate your employment conditions‘ and a panel discussion on Careers inside and outside of academia. Please refer to the short course timings and venue here

Don’t yet put your pens down! We have the prestigious GMPV medal and awards lecture to attend. Chaired by our division’s president Holly Stein, these lectures will be held in Room -2.31 from 19:00 to 20:00 (CEST). In the first half of the session, Yanhao Lin, winner of the Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECS will deliver a talk on the ‘Effects of water on the evolution of the Early Moon and deep Earth investigated by experiments’. This will be followed by the Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture by Kei Hirose, who will talk on ‘Exploring the deep Earth and planetary interiors by high-pressure experiments’. These lectures will run in hybrid mode enabling virtual participants to interact with the medal and awards winners.

Thursday, as always is an amazing, power-packed day indeed! I hope you will have a brainstorming day!! 

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I am a geologist with a PhD in igneous petrology and geochemistry. I love studying mineral reactions, magma-mineral interactions and their bearing on the rock formation. I enjoy fieldwork, nature trails, music and books. I am keen on using my knowledge to have a positive impact of society and environment.

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